Venus and Saturn aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you match for a long term relationship?

Venus-Saturn.jpg Do you match for a long term relationship?

Venus and Saturn conjunct in the synastry chart

Your relationship is based on commitment, responsibility and seriousness.

Your view of a relationship is for the long term and is not based on superficiality.

The practical aspects of your relationship are very important. You might support each other careers or have common financial interests.

There are, however, important differences.

Saturn person's serious and somehow aloof attitude disappoints Venus person's need for affection and sensuality.

Saturn person doesn't appreciate any magnificence, preferring to keep a low profile, while Venus person is attracted by beauty and luxury.

Venus person sees Saturn person as mature, committed and reliable. Saturn person sees Venus person as charming and affectionate.

Saturn person tends to support Venus person in a parental way, which is not always welcome by Venus person.

Venus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Saturn in the synastry chart

Your bond is built on commitment, accountability and sincerity. You see being in a relationship as lasting forever, and are not superficial.

The everyday, practical parts of the relationship are vital. You may help each other in your jobs or may think similarly about money matters.

There's a great sense of respect between you. You can commit to each other and work effortlessly for the common good, either in a romantic or work meeting.

Saturn person gives reality and stability to Venus person's romantic feelings, while Venus person confers tenderness and beauty to Saturn person's.

Venus opposite, square or semi-square Saturn in the synastry chart

While you have the potentiality for a long term relationship, criticism from Saturn person's side and vanity from Venus person's side makes the meeting difficult

Venus person sees Saturn person as controlling and cold, a turn off for the sensual feelings, while Saturn person sees Venus person as being vain and a spendthrift.

Saturn person is quite traditional and not much into social life, while Venus person loves to be around people and social events.

Saturn person can easily become critical toward Venus person. Saturn person might blame Venus person for being immature, superficial and not being disciplined enough.

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