Mars and Saturn aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you join instinctual action and planning?

Mars-Saturn.jpg How do you join instinctual action and planning?

Mars and Saturn conjunct in the synastry chart

You combine strong energy with reflection. Together you can start things, but also you can sustain a project in the long term.

Saturn person is attracted by Mars person's initiative and courage, while Mars person is attracted by Saturn person's dedication and loyalty.

Saturn person tends to tactically withdraw when Mars person's energy is “too much,” while Mars person rushes to go all the way till victory or defeat.

Saturn person can feel threatened by Mars person's independence and tends to criticize Mars person's choices. Mars person tends to take things very personally when its ego feels threatened and might reach out with anger.

Mars trine, sextile or semi-sextile Saturn in the synastry chart

You mix great vigor with careful reasoned thinking. As a couple you begin lots of things, and can continue them till the end.

Saturn person is engrossed by Mars person's drive to action and bravery, while Mars person is drawn to Saturn person's devotion and faithfulness.

Even through your differences, you learn from each other. Saturn person teaches Mars person that a delayed action is often more effective, while Mars person shows Saturn person how to trust their instincts.

The result is a steadfast action infused with passion.

Mars opposite, square or semi-square Saturn in the synastry chart

You have the potential to improve yourselves by learning from each other. Saturn person can teach Mars person that reflection and patience is often more effective, while Mars person stimulates Saturn person to act from an instinctual level.

However, too often Mars person is too abrupt in the decisional process, while Saturn person needs more reflection and planning.

Saturn person feels overwhelmed by Mars person's unreflective energy and resorts to a controlling attitude that suppresses Mars person's inner fire.

Mars person needs to be less impatient and Saturn person need to be less rational and calculating before acting.

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