Mars and Neptune aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you balance passion and spirituality?

Mars-Neptune.jpg How do you balance passion and spirituality?

Mars and Neptune conjunct in the synastry chart

The qualities you both bring to the relationship aren't easily blended, but through acceptance you can make the best of it.

In your meeting, Mars person is direct, bold and energetic, while Neptune person is more soft and spiritual.

Mars person tends to be the leader. Neptune person accepts Mars person's actions and guidance, and is attracted by Mars person's passion and sexual presence, but in time it might resent Mars person for not having space to express its own path.

Mars person is fascinated by Neptune person's spiritual and ethereal mindset, but also blames Neptune person for being too laid-back and confused.

You like to support people in need and to fight for injustice through an humanitarian view of life.

Mars trine, sextile or semi-sextile Neptune in the synastry chart

In your connection, Mars person is unswerving, daring and peppy, while Neptune person is more aerial and mystical.

Mars person usually leads. Neptune person agrees to what Mars person's does and how guides the relationship and is captivated by Mars person's desire and sensual presence, but eventually it may not appreciate the fact Mars person isn’t allowing much personal space.

Mars person is captivated by Neptune person's mystical and otherworldly attitude, but also thinks Neptune person is too laidback and has no real goals.

Neptune person is more submissive, while Mars person acts as a leader. Even if the relationship might seem unbalanced from the outside, you complement each other's qualities harmonically.

Neptune person quietly supports Mars person initiatives while Mars person gives actions and energy to Neptune person's passive tendencies.

Mars person brings Neptune person's imagination into action.

Mars opposite, square or semi-square Neptune in the synastry chart

Mars person tends to be straightforward and at times rude. In those case Neptune person withdraws into itself, which makes Mars person even more irritated.

Mars person wants to go till the end of any discussion, but Neptune person becomes overwhelmed by Mars person's energy and needs to retreat to a safe space.

Neptune person might resort to deception when feeling overpowered by Mars person. Mars person needs to tame its temper and become more diplomatic.

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