Uranus and Ascendant aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you enjoy freedom and independence?

Uranus-Ascendant.jpg Do you enjoy freedom and independence?

Uranus and Ascendant conjunct in the synastry chart

There's much excitement in your meeting. Anything goes as long as is non-ordinary and stimulating.

Uranus person's liberal perspective approves and encourages Ascendant person's personality quirks.

Ascendant person feels free to be itself and is delighted to not be judged by Uranus person.

Uranus person teaches Ascendant person how to be free and unencumbered by social norms.

Friends and groups of people represent an important source of support for your creative and non-mainstream activities.

You might share common interests as fringe high-tech, astrology, spirituality and anything which defies common sense.

Together you might redefine your ideas about what a relationship means.

Uranus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Ascendant in the synastry chart

There's lots of energy in your relationship. You'll do anything if it is unusual and inspiring.

Uranus person's broad-mannered way of looking at life favors and inspires Ascendant person's character flukes.

Ascendant person feels allowed to be itself and is happy not to be assessed by Uranus person.

Uranus person shows Ascendant person the way to feel free and unfettered by community standards.

Friends and other groups are a vital part of your creative and unusual support when involved in innovative acts.

You may have shared interests like unconventional technical gadgets, astrology, spirituality and non-mainstream subjects.

You respect each other's freedom, unique traits and independence.

Uranus opposite, square or semi-square Ascendant in the synastry chart

You seek each other as a source of excitement, but your meeting clashes over your different views of freedom and commitment.

You bring social connections to the relationship, but those connections represent as well a source of issues.

Unreliability, especially from Uranus person's side, can sabotage your partnership.

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