Neptune and True Lunar Node aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you have a Karmic spiritual connection?

Neptune-N. Node.jpg Do you have a Karmic spiritual connection?

Neptune and True Lunar Node conjunct in the synastry chart

You may both feel destined to connect with each other and this relationship has a strong spiritual component.

This relationship has a mystical energy and you may instantly feel attracted to each other though it may take time to discern exactly what the purpose of the relationship is.

There is a strong romantic potential however this relationship offers more than romance.

Neptune person has a life changing impact on True Lunar Node person, influencing their spirituality or nudging them toward a healing process that leads to spiritual awakening. Neptune person helps True Lunar Node person discern deeper spiritual wisdom by working through illusions. Neptune person's creative, compassionate and loving energy help True Lunar Node person feel comfortable and receptive to these life lessons.

Neptune trine, sextile or semi-sextile True Lunar Node in the synastry chart

Neptune person and True Lunar Node person are drawn to each other through intuition and may feel that they are destined to connect. They share a creative, spiritual connection. Neptune person's compassionate loving nature makes True Lunar Node person receptive to their energy and this is a good thing because Neptune person has many gifts to offer which will help True Lunar Node person to achieve greater spiritual understanding and healing.

Neptune person is subtle however so True Lunar Node person will have to remain attentive to grasp the full impact of what Neptune person has to share.

Neptune person and True Lunar Node person may enjoy a deeply emotionally connected, romantic relationship with an uncanny intuitive bond. Neptune person instinctively understands the direction True Lunar Node person's life is meant to take and helps to reveal True Lunar Node person's potential through their subtle guidance and support.

Neptune opposite, square or semi-square True Lunar Node in the synastry chart

Neptune person and True Lunar Node person are unmistakably drawn together for a divine purpose, however the exact nature of the relationship may be hazy and confusing.

Both may attempt a romantic relationship but remain unclear about boundaries. Neptune person may realize the implication for their influence over True Lunar Node person's path, yet confusing or incorrect interpretation of intuitive cues can lead Neptune person to assume they are meant to be True Lunar Node person's romantic partner, for example when truly they were meant to be a deeply connected guide.

Neptune person and True Lunar Node person may retreat into escapism as well. They may meet during the course of personal crisis requiring individual healing, such as in rehab or a support group, and may impose the responsibility for healing and growth on each other in a codependent way.

True Lunar Node person may lose patience with Neptune person's confusion in regards to the relationship, or they may seek direct guidance and completely plow through Neptune person's subtle nature. Not only will this result in missed opportunities but also potentially hurt feelings.

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