Pluto and Midheaven aspects in the Synastry Chart: Do you bring power and depth toward careers?

Pluto-Midheaven.jpg Do you bring power and depth toward careers?

Pluto and Midheaven conjunct in the synastry chart

Pluto person's powerful presence and acumen can greatly support Midheaven person's career and social visibility.

Midheaven person supports Pluto person's quest for power and truth by showing Pluto person how effective patience and wisdom can be.

Pluto person will stimulate Midheaven person to become aware of the deep-rooted motivations under life and professional choices. Pluto person will also challenge the motivations if they don't come from an inner truth.

Through Pluto person, Midheaven person have the chance to change a stale working situation. Money, finance and social climbing may represent important common areas in your life.

Since you are both concerned about power, you need to be careful not to get into ego wars or struggles in your relationship.

Pluto trine, sextile or semi-sextile Midheaven in the synastry chart

Pluto person's strong presence and shrewdness can significantly aid Midheaven person's job and social status.

Midheaven person backs Pluto person's pursuit of authority and depth by helping Pluto person know how to effectively be patient and wise.

Pluto person's stimulates Midheaven person to be more aware of the deep-seated drives regarding life and career picks. Pluto person's willpower also challenges Midheaven person's choices if they aren't coming from a truthful source.

Via Pluto person, Midheaven person have a possibility to alter an old working attitude. Money, finances and social status are for you important.

Intelligence and instinct cooperate to reach your common professional goals.

Pluto opposite, square or semi-square Midheaven in the synastry chart

None of you wants the other to be more powerful. You are willing to support each other's success as long as the roles and the rankings are well defined.

If one represents a threat to the other's established position, you will experience power conflicts.

Pluto person acts as a disrupting agent toward Midheaven person's established social position.

Midheaven person protects its accurate built life and career structures by becoming critical and aloof.

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