Transiting Sun on natal Midheaven: opportunities to advance your career

transit-sun-midheaven.jpg Transiting Sun on natal Midheaven: opportunities to advance your career

Transiting Sun conjunct natal Midheaven

It is your time to rise and shine like the sun.

Expect opportunities to advance your career. Your talents will be recognized by a broad audience. Seek promotions, business expansion, or opportunities to showcase any creative or artistic talents in a public venue.

You may become the assumed leader of a group or take the lead in spearheading a new project.

Your enthusiasm and confidence will inspire others to follow your example and you can help to boost the morale of a workplace or uplift others through the work that you do.

Transiting Sun sextile natal Midheaven

You radiate charm and optimism at this time. Your career may be advanced in large part because of influential connections that you make at this time.

You are likely to feel social and outgoing and your confidence inspires those around you. This is a good time to share your creativity with the world in a large group setting or public forum.

This is also a good time for healing all kinds of relationships.

Others are attracted to you and easily persuaded to help you achieve your goals. Assert yourself in work, ask for a raise, pursue a promotion, network with others to help you succeed.

You naturally take the lead and others look up to you at this time.

Transiting Sun square natal Midheaven

Your talents are not being put to work in the most effective ways.

You may have a number of skills and abilities which you aren’t able to fully use in your work at this time. You may also become frustrated because your efforts in career and work aren’t being recognized or appreciated.

You may have conflicts with a boss at this time as you are likely to set a course for yourself that doesn’t align with the larger system but is more focused on your individual needs.

Try not to let your ego get in the way at this time. Your insecurities or need for recognition may further complicate a stressful work situation.

Transiting Sun trine natal Midheaven

This is an ideal time for achievement of all kinds, especially in your work or career.

You may ascend to a leadership role, receive a raise or promotion, win an award or public recognition. You may also be compelled to run for public office or lead an organization in your community on a voluntary basis.

Your talents and skills are on display for the public to recognize and admire, and others will show appreciation for your generosity and strengths.

Creative endeavors are favored now and your work may become more autonomous, creative or more aligned with your personality and values.

Relationships are likely to be harmonious at this time and you can easily convey your values and views to others.

Optimism and positive collaboration in business or work are also likely at this time.

Transiting Sun opposite natal Midheaven

You may feel torn between advancing your career and reaching your personal goals, and attending to family needs and responsibilities at home or in your personal life.

You may feel as though others aren’t appreciative of your efforts or talents.

An emphasis on your own perspective or ego may cause you to overlook feedback from others, or neglect the needs of those closest to you.

Step back and gain perspective at this time. What is your ultimate career goal for the near future? How can you harmonize your desire to succeed with your need to nurture your personal life?

Transiting Sun quincunx natal Midheaven

A leadership opportunity you sought out may turn out to be more than you bargained for.

You are capable of succeeding but first may need to adjust to a new sense of identity. You are also learning to work with personal power in new ways especially in work and career. You may have to adjust your concepts of leadership or gain a different perspective in order to balance your personal desires and ambitions with that of your team or those you are accountable to.

Recognition for a job well done may be delayed or not arrive at all and as a result you may feel unappreciated or your confidence may be shaken at this time. Try to remain focused on the overall goals and not take others’ lack of praise personally.

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