Transiting Moon on natal Mars: ambition and physical energy level closely connected to your mood


    transit-moon-mars.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Mars: ambition and physical energy level closely connected to your mood

    Transiting Moon conjunct natal Mars

    Your ambition and physical energy level is closely connected to your mood at this time. This can work to empower you on both a physical and emotional level when you are feeling good, but can also cause you to plunge into anger, frustration and other turbulent feelings which will impact your physical energy level and ability to find motivation at this time.

    Tension can be released through exercise, sports, sex or other physical activity at this time and a release of energy can help you to not build up resentments or anxieties.

    You may be more assertive and confident at this time and feel free expressing your emotions to others. Passion and a strong sense of conviction help you to stand your ground and you may even express yourself in edgier ways than usual.

    You exude power and sexual appeal to others at this time, balancing your nurturing and assertive sides which can bring excitement to relationships and help you build a deeper bond with your partner.

    New relationships will feel like an adventure at this time, blending excitement as well as emotional connection. Your motivation and physical energy may be invested in creating security at home, household repairs, or otherwise rigorous, challenging activities which will improve your comfort and homelife.

    Transiting Moon sextile natal Mars

    Your relationships receive an extra burst of passion at this time. You are likely to bring enthusiasm and excitement to relationships with loved ones.

    This is a great time for team sports with friends or family, or to challenge loved ones to a competitive game or playful activity that requires some physical exercise.

    Your will and ambition are tempered by your soft nurturing side and you are likely to balance the need to nurture relationships with the need to pursue your personal goals so that no one feels ignored or left out.

    Romantic relationships are sexually charged at this time and new relationships may feel exciting and rejuvenating.

    Transiting Moon square natal Mars

    Underlying frustration and tension surfaces at this time and you may find it hard to control your anger. Be assertive but not unduly aggressive with others at this time or relationships may be damaged.

    You may experience insecurities as threats to your role in a relationship. As a result you may overreact to perceived slights, projecting fear, jealousy or possessiveness onto others. Be careful to avoid manipulating others in order to prove your point or feel validated.

    This is a good time to release pent up frustration through physical work or exercise before trying to talk out your problems. Make time for assertive conversations, but not in the heat of anger.

    Don’t confuse intuition with impulsivity. Reactionary responses can lead to regrets at this time, try to slow down and process your emotions first.

    Transiting Moon trine natal Mars

    You now have the courage and confidence to initiate changes to your relationships, household, family or financial situations. You can easily speak up for your needs and the needs of your family, without being perceived as aggressive or domineering.

    Set boundaries with others and it will more likely be received as a protective act rather than an act of rejection.

    Your passion and enthusiasm attract others to you and you can strengthen the emotional and physical connection in your relationships.

    Your ambition and motivation help you challenge yourself to move past emotional barriers or insecurities and pursue what you want.

    Transiting Moon opposite natal Mars

    Your focus on ambition and passion to succeed may be blinding you to the needs of others at this time. Be careful not to assert your will so adamantly as to disregard others’ needs.

    Arguments with friends and loved ones or family are likely at this time. Be mindful not to react impulsively.

    You may also feel the need to exert control over others, though your intentions may be to protect or help, this may result nonetheless in power struggles and conflicts in relationships.

    Try to remain as level headed as possible, emotions may be all over the map at this time.

    Transiting Moon quincunx natal Mars

    You will likely experience rapidly changing emotions and become obsessive, compulsive or both in an attempt to gain some security and reclaim your focus.

    Focus and obsession are not the same, however. Instead of helping you to achieve your goals, your current mindset is based on emotional tides, insecurities and fears.

    The ensuing obsessive thinking is likely to take more of your energy while not getting you any closer to the outcome you desire.

    Be mindful not to get lost in competition with others based solely on the need to make up for insecurity or need to prove yourself.

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