Transiting Moon on natal Ascendant: sensitivity, empathy and nurturing sides are in the spotlight

transit-moon-ascendant.jpg Transiting Moon on natal Ascendant: sensitivity, empathy and nurturing sides are in the spotlight

Transiting Moon conjunct natal Ascendant

Your sensitivity, empathy and nurturing sides are in the spotlight now. Others perceive you as a shoulder to cry on and a source of nurturing.

You are likely to articulate your emotions more openly and are more in tune with people around you at this time.

Your intuition is also heightened and will guide your decisions. Others may notice that when you follow your instincts things seem to work out in uncanny ways.

You may become more shy or passive at this time, waiting situations out rather than rushing in to make decisions, or vacillating between options as your moods shift.

Your appearance also becomes more nostalgic, you may adopt a vintage wardrobe or retro look. Regardless of gender your appearance may also become softer or more feminine at this time.

Transiting Moon sextile natal Ascendant

Your relationships are enhanced at this time because you are more attuned to others’ emotions and needs and easily express your feelings for others.

You are able to nurture others and show unconditional love and emotional support which also helps strengthen social bonds.

You become more nostalgic at this time and may be inclined to reconnect with old friends or family you haven’t seen in a long time.

In dealing with others, you are inclined to treat everyone as family and this is generally appreciated by others.

Transiting Moon square natal Ascendant

Your emotions are out of alignment with your outward personality which may cause you to act against your best interests. You may also find yourself in a power struggle between your intuition and your logical mind at this time.

You may also confuse imagination for intuition and try to become someone you are not. Be true to yourself and your feelings at this time, but avoid the temptation to act out on every whim and impulse.

Your heightened sensitivity can block you from seeing the objective reality and you may be inclined to react to perceived threats or criticisms which were not intended as personal attacks.

Postpone any decisions which require solid, rational thinking as you are likely to be persuaded more by emotional impulse than by logical thought at this time.

Transiting Moon trine natal Ascendant

This is a great time to nurture relationships on all levels. Warmth is easily extended to family and loved ones and romantic relationships can blossom at this time.

You exude a genuine, compassionate energy that easily draws others to you. You are likely to embody a sentimental charm that disarms others and makes people want to confide in you and trust you.

This is a good time to express your nurturing side whether it entails caring for family and friends or nurturing coworkers or creative projects.

You may feel emotionally driven at this time though your impressions and instincts will generally be on target.

Intuition is heightened and you can navigate situations by trusting your inner wisdom.

Transiting Moon opposite natal Ascendant

You are more sensitive to others’ energies and may misperceive slights or personal attacks where none exist.

You may also feel compelled to nurture others to the extent that it becomes smothering. Try to maintain clear boundaries especially with a partner. Remember that there are other ways to love people aside from trying to mother them.

You are likely to be focused on the needs of others and may become enmeshed in relationships. Allow others the space to become empowered rather than feeling the need to micromanage or excessively take care of others.

You may feel more prone to mood swings at this time and may be looking to others to soothe or change your emotional ups and downs. This can place unrealistic demands on relationships. Instead, work on moderating your own emotional energy and ride out this phase staying as grounded as possible.

Transiting Moon quincunx natal Ascendant

You may want to change your appearance, and then change it again, and again, and again, becoming an emotional chameleon whose style and outward presentation shifts with every mood.

It may be a good time to tune in to your intuition and let your instincts guide you as you develop in new directions, however some part of you is likely to doubt your inner wisdom or not be able to clearly access it at this time.

Emotional turmoil may make it difficult for you to be true to yourself and express your inner feelings and opinions. You may instead become obsessed with what others think of you and whether you have a secure place in the lives of those you love.

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