Transiting Mercury on natal Mars: sharp and direct words

transit-mercury-mars.png Transiting Mercury on natal Mars: sharp and direct words

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal Mars

Your intellect, wit, and words are sharp and direct. You have a renewed sense of focus and motivation. This is an ideal time to pursue your ambitions through strategizing and work involving writing, speaking, negotiations and advocating for advancement.

You are likely to be shrewd in business dealings and can cut to the point in a way that may intimidate others. Diplomacy is not your strong point now, you are more assertive and confident in your views.

You may feel pressure to express your point, and may speak faster or in a more aggressive manner than usual.

Your mental flexibility and unyielding will collide and you may feel compelled to focus on your objectives, pursuing your ambition with a one track mind.

Direct your creative impulses and intellectual momentum into productive channels and avoid power struggles and attempts to intellectually dominate others

Puzzles, word games, or intellectual games that bring out your desire for competition and stimulation can be helpful at this time.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal Mars

You are able to absorb new information faster than usual. Your mind is active and you would do well to dive into work that is mentally challenging and stimulating to your intellect.

Your words convey power and this is attractive to others who may regard you as a leader at this time.

You may become more focused than usual and are confident in your social interactions with others. You have no problem setting boundaries and being direct and assertive with others at this time.

Your ambition is activated and clearly expressed. You easily advocate for what you need and possibly for the needs of others as well.

You are more likely to negotiate a raise or promotion or a new business deal which requires some risk and an added dose of confidence.

Transiting Mercury square natal Mars

Your judgments may be impulsive and snap decisions may lead you to act abruptly at this time. You may be headed for accidents, injuries or conflicts with others because of the impulse to act before fully thinking things through.

This is a risky time to engage in debate as you may be inclined toward aggressively pushing your views on others. You may get sidetracked by the desire to be right rather than the desire to be happy or keep the peace.

You may also find that ideas you were vehemently advocating are not fully developed or in some ways flawed.

Slow down, process things fully and prepare mentally before reacting. Take the time to listen to others proactively rather than jumping to respond.

Transiting Mercury trine natal Mars

You have greater momentum in your plans, thoughts and intellectual activities. This is a great time to advance in your studies, delve into a writing project, absorb information from books or classes or focus on future plans.

Your ambition is clear, you know exactly what you want and are willing to strategize and act assertively to accomplish what you desire.

You communicate assertively and effectively and you can easily make clear and convincing arguments in conversations with others. Whether you are convincing someone of your ideas in a debate or advocating for advancement in your career, your points are objective, clear and powerful.

If you have to defend yourself or advocate for others, you are able to stand your ground firmly without becoming aggressive or overbearing.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal Mars

Your desire to debate and ability to fiercely defend your views can make this transit an ideal time for debate and intellectual activities which require you to be sharp, quick and assertive.

You may feel as if you are exercising your mind and sharpening your intellect. Be sure to make sure those you are engaged in mental battle with are also seeing the exchange as an act of intellectual athletics. If others take your words personally, relationships can be damaged at this time.

Be aware also of the temptation to get lost in power struggles or argue for the sake of arguing.

You may need to work harder to relax and slow down at this time and built up anger will need a productive channel to be expressed or else it could be projected onto those you love through arguments and confrontations.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal Mars

You are likely to burn the candle at both ends at this time.

Your energy may be stretched in numerous directions and focus is likely to be replaced with anxiety and busy work.

The more you try to accomplish, the more you seem to spin your wheels. It is better to try to stick to your plan and calculate a specific strategy and then throw your energy and momentum into that strategy.

You may speak and react more quickly than usual only to find that you didn’t have all the facts, or your lack of objectivity has caused you to put your foot into your mouth.

You may also be susceptible to accidents at this time, partly because you are more rushed than usual and partly because you are more distracted while trying to accomplish things that are not getting you closer to your ultimate goals.

Slow down and remember less is more.

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