Transiting Mercury on natal houses: where is your intellect directed to?

Mercury.jpg Mercury transiting in house 1

You may become more talkative and outgoing at this time, seeking the mental stimulation of social groups.

You will have opportunities to showcase your communication and intellectual skills and may establish yourself as an expert on a variety of subjects stemming from personal interests to potential professional areas.

Your quick wit and optimistic nature will be recognized by others. Your ability to think in flexible ways will also help you understand differing points of view and shift your perspective easily.

Others may perceive this as paradoxical at times but you are stretching the limits of your mind and experimenting with different views and beliefs.

You may become indecisive at this time and your higher than usual level of mental activity may cause you to lose sleep or exhibit excessive nervous energy.

Mercury transiting in house 2

This is a good time to organize paperwork and outline plans relating to your valuables and assets.

You may use your intellectual skills to research the stock market and explore new investments. Writing projects, IT work and communications may bring opportunities for income.

You express your values easily to others without being forceful or preachy.

You may become more anxious than usual about your financial situation because your mind is more active at this time and your focus is likely to be on money, budget, net worth and financial prospects.

Spinning your wheels will not be helpful. Instead, put your intellectual skills to work researching solutions to financial problems that exist and try not to fret about potential problems which have not yet arisen.

You will likely invest your energy and time coming up with new strategies to increase your net worth and some of these ideas will involve your skills of adaptability and resourcefulness.

Mercury transiting in house 3

Take a class, explore interests through a workshop or catch up with neighbors, siblings, cousins and other friends in your community.

You may encounter others in need of your advice and objective thinking and may have to act as a personal coach or guide at this time.

You are likely to thrive in any situations involving writing, public speaking or communication at this time as well.

Follow your interests and explore subjects you have been curious about. You are likely to be busily moving among different social circles at this time.

You may become overwhelmed because of numerous errands or short trips added on to your daily routine now. Be sure to slow down and stay organized, as there will be much mental activity for you now.

You may also have numerous projects you would like to pursue. You may find it easier to multitask at this time but this will only go so far. You will need to work on bringing a degree of focus into your life at this time.

Mercury transiting in house 4

This is a great time to plan for the future in any matters pertaining to family, home or household.

Communication with family members should go smoother than usual as you are better able to get your point across without being influenced by emotions or subconscious conflicts.

You are able to think fairly about conflicts at this time so if there has been tension at home, now is the time to address it, you are likely to be able to see multiple sides of the same issue and weigh pros and cons instead of taking sides or reacting on emotional impulse.

Memories from childhood or domestic situations may inspire a work of writing such as a memoir at this time. You may also feel inclined to reminisce with loved ones and family about memories from the past. Research into genealogy is favorable at this time as well.

You may seek solitude to work on writing, research or other intellectual tasks in the comfort of home, yet may also find that your home has become a hub of social activity.

Take some time for introspection and solitary tasks and balance your social nature with the need to focus and delve into your work.

Mercury transiting in house 5

Your creative side is energized. Writing or telling stories, expressing yourself in theatrical ways, or giving an entertaining presentation is likely at this time.

You may experience lucky breaks as a result of your social connections, and a risk taken to express your ideas or pitch a new concept related to business or publishing is likely to pay off.

You may have reason to celebrate with others and social engagements energize you at this time. You are likely to enjoy mentally stimulating games such as trivia or Chess.

Your desire for mental stimulation may lead you to pursue opportunities outside your comfort zone, luckily you are more confident and optimistic about your abilities than usual and this will help you promote yourself.

A romantic affair may flourish at this time though this is likely to be someone who interests you on an intellectual level and with whom you engage in fun and fascinating conversations, as opposed to someone for whom you feel a deep emotional connection.

A love affair will likely have some elements of fantasy associated with the attraction as well.

Mercury transiting in house 6

This is an ideal time to review plans related to your lifestyle and daily routines.

You may begin thinking about a new direction for work and at this time it is easier for you to slow down and strategize the more tedious mundane aspects of your work or daily life.

You may be organizing your paperwork or reviewing the details of your vocational goals at this time.

Diet plans may also be reviewed and adjusted as you are conscious of your health during this phase. You may research healthy lifestyle articles looking for diet or wellness advice, for example.

You may have an opportunity to receive additional training or certification to benefit your career, especially in the service fields or in health care.

Mercury transiting in house 7

This is an ideal time for one on one conversations. You are able to express your ideas and needs clearly and objectively.

Unresolved conflicts with partners or loved ones can be openly discussed with little risk of erratic emotions or ego getting in the way. You are also more inclined to take another’s point of view into careful consideration at this time.

While empathy is not in focus, seeing the world through another’s eyes is likely and so partnerships and relationships benefit from this meeting of the minds.

You may become focused on trying to reach consensus and lose sight of your own needs at this time.

You are likely to be stimulated by conversations with others and may research plans for advancing goals with a partner in personal relationships or a business partner.

Mercury transiting in house 8

You are communicating on a deep level and perhaps even on a more intuitive level at this time. Your thoughts may tend toward obsessive as you relentlessly ruminate on ideas.

You can get down to the bare bones and your mind becomes like an x-ray, delving beneath the surface and getting to the core of every situation.

Money, sex, power and long term planning, including end of life care, are topics which may come up for close exploration and discussion at this time. You may also delve deeper into usually taboo subjects at this time.

You may need to have brutally honest conversations with others, and may be the one to initiate such conversations. Ultimately this is a time for setting boundaries and establishing a clear path, especially where matters such as shared financial obligations, wills, estates, and taxes are concerned.

Mercury transiting in house 9

Your thinking becomes idealistic and philosophical rather than practical at this time.

You are less concerned with your daily needs and personal ambition and more concerned with the greater good, society, large community issues and seeing the ‘big picture’.

You have a mind for systems and patterns at this time. This is also a great time for studies involving sciences, spirituality and metaphysics.

You may begin planning a long distance trip or a move involving a new culture or foreign land. You may also explore new languages and become immersed in a culture or belief system different from your own at this time.

Subjects which allow you to expand your mind are likely to get your attention at this time. You may seek out friendly, good natured debate to help you exercise your mind and expand your philosophy.

Legal issues may need to be addressed through negotiating, writing letters or filing paperwork. This is a good time to expand business through your network and to advance plans in general by using both out of the box and long term thinking.

Be careful not to get lost in the abstract and overlook necessary mundane details like paying bills or scheduling obligations for the near future at this time.

Mercury transiting in house 10

You could easily negotiate a new business deal, a promotion, raise or new career opportunity at this time.

Your diplomacy, intelligence and communication skills help you rise through the ranks and launch you in a new direction in career or help to enhance your current career.

Conversations are strategic at this time and while you maintain a friendly outlook, you are less likely to get lost in socializing that does not in some way lead to an expansion of your professional network or career ambitions.

Your work may take you on a different commute, or you may end up telecommuting or learning new technology or skills to enhance your career.

Mercury transiting in house 11

You thrive on social settings and group interactions.

From parties to organizational meetings to informational gatherings, you prefer to soak up information in the company of a crowd of diverse people at this time.

You may begin engaging with people from eclectic backgrounds, expanding your views and challenging conventions through exposure to unusual ideas and unique theories or cultural practices.

You are attuned to the collective at this time. Ideas and epiphanies which strike you out of the blue are likely generated from a source beyond your ego or personal needs.

You may end up writing channeled, or at least inspired, work at this time. Your intuition is sharp and your mind is open to drastically new ideas.

You will have a greater interest in social justice issues at this time and your thinking will likely become more progressive, possibly even to a radical degree.

Things you say may come as a shock to others though generally you are held in high regard by groups, clubs and peers at this time.

You are likely to become bored with those who are too much like you or who too readily agree with your ideas. Instead you are up for a challenge and want to engage in intelligent debate to keep your intellectual skills sharpened.

Mercury transiting in house 12

This is a time of introversion and introspection for you.

You are likely to become more passive than usual, though your mind is still active. You are more concerned about absorbing information. Listening on a deep level, an intuitive level even, supersedes your need to express every idea on your mind at this time.

You may be inclined toward secrecy at this time and even when it would be beneficial to express your views openly, it will feel more comfortable to hold back and maintain a degree of mystique.

Spiritual matters will appear to you and you may be involved in a challenging time which will propel you to either awaken to higher spiritual understanding, or escape into your imagination

Artistic and symbolic expression are favored now, especially in comparison to direct assertive communication. Your mind may feel like a labyrinth which reveals deep, complex secrets as long as you follow the path.

Embrace paradox and ambiguity at this time. You may feel foggy and confused about your long term objectives. Allow the process to reveal your best options rather than only leaning on analytical skills.

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