Transiting Mercury on natal North Node: planning and strategizing ways to move forward on you path

transit-mercury-node.jpg Transiting Mercury on natal North Node: planning and strategizing ways to move forward on you path

Transiting Mercury conjunct natal North Node

Your mind is stimulated at this time and you may planning and strategizing ways to move forward on you path as you fulfill your purpose.

Your mission may entail some form of communication or writing project. You may feel compelled to create a work of channeled writing or publish divinely inspired work.

You may also become a spokesperson for a particular concept or plan that uplifts others and brings enlightenment to society. In order for you to successfully complete your mission you will also have to clear old patterns and sabotaging beliefs from your mind. Your own communication skills, including listening deeply to others and to your intuition, will also need to be fine tuned.

Your calling may require you to become more active in different groups within your community and traveling from place to place or commuting outside your immediate vicinity may be required.

Transiting Mercury sextile natal North Node

You are inspired to think differently and embrace new ideas and concepts relayed by significant others and teachers in your circle at this time.

Gurus, coaches and mentors emerge to help guide your path. You are eager to absorb information from the world around you and become fascinated with a new idea or concept which will figure prominently in your future.

You are embarking on new territory now and may have to do some research to fully understand what will be required of you. Skills you are learning as well as your new outlook will help pave the way for a significant transformation in your life in the near future.

Don’t take any encounters with peers, siblings, neighbors or friends for granted. There are no coincidences and just as you are channeling a divine message, so are those around you giving you bits of advice from a higher source to help you make this transition.

Transiting Mercury square natal North Node

You may be over analyzing things and talking yourself out of a major step in the direction of fulfilling your life’s purpose. When doors open for you at this time you are likely to hesitate, getting lost in your mind considering every possible angle and outcome. Overthinking now can paralyze you and keep you from taking the needed steps to advance on your path.

You may also become lost in distracting details, falling prey to pursuing trivia while ignoring the most essential pieces of information.

Your desire to belong and to fit in with the crowd may also be working against your advancement as you get lost in some social connections rather than allowing yourself to grow into more mature relationships.

You may make hasty decisions or speak too soon and limit yourself from opportunities that could be advantageous.

Transiting Mercury trine natal North Node

Your thoughts and words have a magnetic ability to help you attract resources you need to advance. You may also manifest needed opportunities and guidance quickly at this time.

Your powers of insight, intellect and analysis are put to the test now and are likely to help you succeed as you navigate significant life changes.

You will be curious enough about the future potential path that fear and insecurity will not be able to hold you back from embracing changes at this time.

This can be a time of life changing connection with others. You may feel Karmically linked to others in your circle and may meet a guru, teacher, guide, friend or coach who has a major impact on forming your future.

You may also learn of something new that feels destined to be a part of your path and as a result, your mindset and beliefs are changed.

Transiting Mercury opposite natal North Node

You may be waiting for things to make logical sense to you and become frustrated when this does not happen. You are being magnetically drawn to opportunities to advance though the synchronistic unfolding of events will not feel comfortable and predictable.

You may busy yourself with distractions and justify this by claiming that you are being rational when in fact you are more likely living in your head and neglecting input from your intuition and other sources of guidance.

You may block yourself from opportunities or clash with those around you because you will not embrace a flexible mindset to try to solve problems and see the bigger picture. Obsessing and insisting that things go according to your plans will derail you from your larger mission and purpose if you aren’t careful.

Transiting Mercury quincunx natal North Node

You may have the opportunity to rely on your intellect and wit to get you out of a challenging situation and the lesson underlying this conflict is significant. If you aren’t paying attention to the Karmic threads that connect challenges and opportunities and the greater lessons embedded in the situation, then you are likely to miss out on a major opportunity to advance and grow personally.

Things aren’t what they appear to be. Attention to mundane details without considering the spiritual lessons which parallel these events will result in you only getting half the information and likely not the most important half.

You may find yourself repeating patterns or ending up in the same situation again and again because you can’t simply rationalize your way to the solution without taking in the bigger connections.

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