Transiting Venus on natal Saturn: focus on creating relationships stability

transit-venus-saturn.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Saturn: focus on creating relationships stability

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Saturn

Your demeanor is more serious now. You may develop an attraction to or relationship with a significantly older person or someone with established status and maturity.

Pleasure seeking is toned down and instead you are focused on creating stability. You may aim to align your career with your values and financial advancement through artistic expression such as a commission to create art, a gig playing music, or a job as a decorator, are possible at this time.

Your tastes may become traditional or vintage at this time and you may become involved in restoring or selling antiques.

You prefer the company of older or more mature people at this time. You are also more disciplined now and establish connections which help you achieve your goals in the long term.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Saturn

Your relationships may have a sense of divine timing or Karmic level connection, as if you are resolving issues from the past or even past lifetimes through present day romance or personal connections.

You may have significant life changing encounters with an older person who in some ways resembles your father or acts as a father figure.

You become more aligned with tradition or traditional values and may decorate or dress in vintage fashion. Your tastes in music and art may also reflect a past generation at this time.

This is a good time to re-evaluate your finances and whether your current budget and financial plan are going to sustain your long term goals.

An old friend may come back into your life after a long absence. You may receive benevolent but disciplined guidance from an elder or older family member or friend.

Someone may emerge as a mentor to help you in career or business at this time.

Transiting Venus square natal Saturn

You may feel constricted both in finances and love right now. Those you care about may feel more aloof and as a result you may become insecure about whether they value you or not. Be clear about your own self worth and the reactions of others will not have such an impact.

You may also express romantic interest in someone who does not share your values or return your feelings, and heartbreak and disappointment can result.

Any past frivolity with investments, spending or use of credit cards may be now bring consequences which must be dealt with, restricting your wealth or slowing the flow of abundance.

Transiting Venus trine natal Saturn

Romantic relationships evolve from infatuation to mature relationship at this time and you may settle in to a more predictable and solid routine with loved ones.

Your views on love or on a particular relationship may mature at this time as well.

A marriage prospect based on solidly rooted love and maturity can evolve and prosper at this time. Commitments are taken seriously.

Financial gains can occur based on solid foundation being laid at this time. You are more calculated in your dealings with money and will likely prosper as a result.

Relationships are strengthened because of resolution of past hardships, not because of avoiding conflicts or escapism.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Saturn

You may want a relationship to become more committed and serious only to find this is not happening on your time table. Frustration can emerge with loved ones who are not as serious as you would like.

Also you may sense others being detached and perceive this as abandonment.

Responsibilities in relationships come to the surface and you may feel burdened by the need to deal with the ‘tough stuff’ in relationships of all kinds. You may struggle between wanting the good times to return but feeling like you are surrounded by more serious issues right now.

This is a time of growth that will only occur through honest examination of your feelings and values and a commitment to face difficulties rather than hiding from them.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Saturn

Your sense of security in both love and finances are feeling a crunch at this time.

You have what you need, but are more aware that it is not exactly what you want. You may feel bound to others out of responsibility rather than desire. You may also feel financially tied to a relationship or job that your heart is no longer in.

Navigating this process will be uncomfortable and you may feel compelled to retreat into pleasure seeking, ignoring the obvious need to attend to practical matters. Avoid this escape into hedonism at this time. Instead, trust the process as you are going to eventually be able to recreate a foundation that is more in alignment with what you want and need.

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