Transiting Venus on natal Midheaven: public image is given a favorable boost

transit-venus-midheaven.jpg Transiting Venus on natal Midheaven: public image is given a favorable boost

Transiting Venus conjunct natal Midheaven

Work and career activities go smoothly now and you foster an atmosphere of comfort, creativity and collaboration in the workplace.

You are likely to receive positive attention from colleagues and authority figures at work, your public image is given a favorable boost and you may attract a promotion or new work opportunity.

Gains in your career are likely to come from networking and relationships which help you advance.

You may alter your public image or wardrobe for work at this time. You may also cultivate personal relationships at work through networking or having more one on one time with colleagues or bosses, blending social with professional.

Your focus is less on self advancement at this time and you are genuinely concerned with creating a positive atmosphere and collaborating with others. This is a great time for group projects at work, or partnerships to advance a common mission for work or business.

Work in the beauty, arts, music fields or work having to do with financial planning are especially favorable now.

Transiting Venus sextile natal Midheaven

This is an ideal time for collaboration with public organizations, or colleagues at work. Your reputation and career have the potential to advance because of support from your network. Social networks are also beneficial to your career now.

You are likely to approach your career in a more subtle way at this time and you bring optimism and compassion to the workplace.

Your desire to harmonize with colleagues and supervisors is more important than your desire for self advancement at this time.

You may act as a mediator, helping to resolve conflicts at work.

Transiting Venus square natal Midheaven

Your public image and core values are falling out of alignment. Take a step back to notice the discrepancies between what you say you value and what you are currently prioritizing.

You may be overworking and not taking time for personal enjoyment and family. You may also be socializing or taking care of personal needs at work and neglecting work responsibilities. Shift your activities to bring balance between work and personal life at this time.

You may not be seeing eye to eye with a boss or authority figure at work. This conflict can be resolved relatively easily but may cause you some discomfort as you are likely to want to acquiesce to others’ demands without asserting yourself, even if doing so challenges your values or goals.

Your tact and diplomacy can help you resolve this situation

Transiting Venus trine natal Midheaven

You easily attract opportunities for career growth due to your personal connections with colleagues or supervisors. Your networking efforts pay off and you are likely to enjoy more socializing for your work and career than usual.

Your public image and reputation receive a boost at this time as others regard you as charming, warm, compassionate and friendly. You may be more relaxed about social situations that once caused you stress or anxiety and as a result you are more outgoing now.

You may find a romantic connection through work that you are doing now. You may also have a more enjoyable time at work, the atmosphere is harmonious and include more opportunities for social connection than usual.

This is also a fortunate time for you financially. You may receive valuable gifts or assets through your connections to others. Your income may also increase in part because of recommendations, advice, or advancement provided through your social network.

Transiting Venus opposite natal Midheaven

Your home life and the needs of your family may conflict with your career aspirations at this time. You will be inclined to put family first, but may feel guilty about disconnecting from work responsibilities in the process.

In particular, you may feel as if you are neglecting your responsibilities to the people you work with and for, not so much the work itself.

You may have to make some adjustments in routine in order to successfully balance work and home life. You may feel torn between your public image and private life, or want to be outgoing and social while at the same time needing to tend to your inner world and intimate time with close loved ones.

You may be placed in charge of a family reunion or other large celebration. With some adjustments along the way, you will find this celebration to be rewarding and enjoyable.

Transiting Venus quincunx natal Midheaven

Your people skills and charm may have helped you accomplish success and a good reputation within your career, however you are likely to face a situation at present that can’t easily be resolved in the same ways that you are used to.

Charm, flattery, and connections to influential people aren’t likely to help smooth over tensions in the workplace or advance your career.

You may feel caught between personal goals and values and the role you are playing in your career. You may also feel tension between the energy you have to spend building relationships for the sake of your business or career, and the energy you would prefer to be spending cultivating personal relationships.

Ironically, you are likely to do better applying a genuine interest in those around you and cultivating relationships for both your personal advancement and the empowerment of others, rather than trying to compartmentalize work friendships and personal friendships.

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