Transiting Mars on natal Saturn: slowing down of passions and impulsive instincts

transit-mars-saturn.jpg Transiting Mars on natal Saturn: slowing down of passions and impulsive instincts

Transiting Mars conjunct natal Saturn

You have strong urges to pursue your passion but before you are able to succeed, you have to resolve old Karmic issues. Patterns of behavior that are deep seated resurface to challenge the path you think you are meant to be on.

Situations beyond your control keep cropping up to slow you down and in the long run you will appreciate this.

Challenges are taken in stride as your eye is on the long term outcomes. You may want to initiate dramatic changes but will find obstacles at every turn because the timing is not ideal.

This is not the most dynamic time of your life. Instead you are diligently striving toward your goals. You have the focus and energy you need to persistently working to complete projects or build a foundation for long term change.

You may feel oppressed or micromanaged by authorities at work. At home you may face a sudden responsibility which you aren’t prepared for but will have to step in and handle. This may involve responsibility for an ill or elder family member, or a financial strain that constricts your plans and forces you to expend energy on rebuilding your finances.

Transiting Mars sextile natal Saturn

Your passions and impulsive instincts are slowed. You become more in tune with the natural timing of things. You may be excited to achieve certain things, but will have more of a sense of when it is time to initiate action and when it is time to hold back.

Focus more clearly and cover the details. In work you may need to go back to the drawing board and reset your foundation. You may need to revise your process, revisiting the rule book and getting back down to basics or traditions.

You have patience, practicality and focus so this is a good time to plan for long term financial, career and life goals.

Transiting Mars square natal Saturn

You may have to face restrictions and constraints from institutions in your life including work and family. Be cautious with your actions, regardless of the strength of your impulses, this is not the time to take chances.

Rather this is the time to be methodical. Your long term goals and your ambition may line up but timing is off. You may have to revise plans several times and this likely brings frustration. You may also have to contend with doubts and pessimism projected onto you from other people.

You may fear not being able to fulfill your ambitions and must confront your own limitations and restrictions.

Transiting Mars trine natal Saturn

Your focus and determination are channeled now. Your skills are best used to help you prepare for long term goals.

Your focus is on work and practical matters and you are able to exert a high level of self discipline at this time.

You focus on responsibility in relationships rather than sentimentality and your passion may be expressed in a more subtle way. Slow and steady wins the race and you are prepared to work diligently for the long haul.

Transiting Mars opposite natal Saturn

You will have to face obstacles and fears in order to move forward with your plans. Others will challenge you, forcing you to halt in your tracks and slowing your pace. You may become frustrated with the interruptions in progress on projects.

You are also likely to feel tension between changes you wish to initiate, be it in relationships or career, and responsibility to traditional structures that have created your foundation. You may want to strike out in a new direction in your career, but feel beholden to your current employer. You may want independence to follow your desires, but feel restrictions because of relationship or family obligations.

You are also likely feeling tension between the past, including traditions of your family, culture and your own routines, and the possible future you would like to build.

Working through this polarity will help you move forward in numerous life areas. Avoid hasty actions as you may break down important pillars of stability in your life.

Transiting Mars quincunx natal Saturn

You are likely to feel frustrated or angry at this time because of perceived limitations placed on you by others, authority figures, family obligations or society at large.

In time you will learn fine tune the process of applying effort and pursuing your ambition without constantly running into walls that are in place around you.

Work with the structures and powers that be to advance your agenda, rather than trying to steamroll over them.

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