Sun in Aries and Moon in Virgo

SunMoon-Aries-Virgo.jpgSun in Aries and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aries makes you a natural leader. You are passionate, focused and courageous.

You love to be the first to flex your muscle and prove that you can overcome any challenge. Moon in Virgo gives you keen instincts and makes you a perfectionist when it comes to home and family. You nurture others in practical ways and can balance your earthy desires for security with your dynamic and adventurous personality.

Avoiding and hiding from uncomfortable feelings is important to you because you strive for perfectionism. You also set high standards for yourself and others and feel the need to live up to them. You never want others to see you sweat.

Though you’ll readily work hard and try to prove yourself through your efforts and attention to detail, you are also likely to hide any vulnerability. Even around family and close friends, you seldom let your guard down.

Your emotions are often channeled through work and you try to regulate your feelings by regulating your routines. You can have excessive energy and when stressed or emotionally troubled, your need to be organized and in control goes into overdrive. You may also have health problems that coincide with unacknowledged emotional distress.

Though you are determined thanks to Sun in Aries, Moon in Virgo grounds your intensity and emotions. You keep yourself level and will not lose emotional control, especially around others. You expect others to be as practical and rational as you like to be. When they aren’t, you can become impatient and critical.

You put steady, focused effort into success in family and career goals. You are passionate and driven but will not rush to get things finished because you would rather make sure everything is perfectly up to standard. You try to organize, analyze and make sense of your instincts and emotions. Yet you can also distract or stifle yourself from dealing with underlying emotions.

Sun in Aries trine Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aries trine Virgo Moon makes it easy for you to blend the best of two worlds.

You are highly energetic and have confidence in your abilities as a leader. At the same time, you don’t let emotions drive you to make impulsive decisions. Your feelings are kept at an even keel and this allows you to make rational plans.

Rather than the ambition associated with Aries Sun being at odds with the earthy, practical nature of Virgo Moon, you seek rational solutions and show attention to detail. At the same time, when need be you can take initiative and face challenges.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aries opposite Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aries opposite Virgo Moon creates conflict between the drive toward success and perfection and the inevitable problems that arise from suppressing your emotions.

You try to emulate a robot and only want to show your strong side. You can be so intent on conveying perfectionism that you project an image that is impossible for you, or anyone else, to live up to.

You are also likely to struggle to deal with emotions and anything that is not rational and sensible. As a result, you refuse to acknowledge your vulnerabilities and try to deny your own humanity. You can become critical of yourself or others who challenges your authority.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

Sun in Aries quincunx Moon in Virgo

Sun in Aries quincunx Moon in Virgo creates challenges between your passions and intense drive to succeed and your earthy, emotional nature.

You don’t readily harmonize your outward personality and your inner world. You also struggle to make sense of your emotions.

Your need for security can trigger obsessive and compulsive routines and you may seek order and control through perfectionism.

In time and with mindfulness you can come to balance your drive for success with your detail oriented practicality. Until you learn to better moderate these drives, however, you are likely to repeatedly deal with lessons related to perfectionism, impulsivity and vulnerability.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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