Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo

SunMoon-Gemini-Virgo.jpg Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Gemini gives you an adaptable, intellectual and creative personality. You are witty, intelligent and love to understand others and the world around you. Moon in Virgo further adds to your intellectual energy. You rationalize your emotions and expect feelings to operate according to the rules of logic.

You can appear detached at times because you stifle deeper feelings. Instead of being expressive or giving in to emotional instincts, you try to understand and analyze your feelings. You also can be led to make sound decisions when you trust your intuition, however you may downplay intuition if it doesn’t correspond with the facts at hand.

You thrive on social connections to others and take an interest in other’s lives. You are critical of your own instincts and may also be dismissive or abrupt when giving feedback to others. This is not because you are callous, but rather because you see the world in orderly, concrete terms.

Your style of nurturing is to provide structure and help others organize their affairs. As a result you are steadfast and responsible and react rationally even in a crisis. On the other hand, when the crisis is resolved and others seek your empathy or emotional support, it confuses you.

Other than analyzing and cataloguing the list of reasons for another’s feelings, you are at a loss to know what exactly you are supposed to do with emotions.

Still, you love to be helpful and are always first to volunteer your guidance. Some people call this unsolicited advice and don’t respond well to it. For you, however, this is a means of showing consideration and love.

You process the world intellectually and even channel your feelings through logic. As a result you may overanalyze and become anxious about possible futures that have not yet occurred. If you indulge in overanalyzing and second guessing yourself too much.

Sun in Gemini sextile Moon in Virgo

Sun in Gemini sextile Moon in Virgo gives you strong intellectual skills. You are able to draw on your quick wit to process information rapidly. When you need to, you can also slow your attention and focus on details, analyzing and researching topics that would be considered boring to others.

Analyzing, categorizing, dissecting and patiently filing through information is easy for you. You may be attracted to work that capitalizes on your organizational skills and perfectionism. What you seem to lack in empathy you more than make up for in objectivity. Your friends can count on you to be a neutral source of feedback.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

Sun in Gemini square Moon in Virgo

Sun in Gemini square Moon in Virgo creates tension between your deep seated perfectionism and your desire to be popular and social.

You easily attract friends but find it difficult to tolerate it when people don’t take your advice.You also have high standards for yourself and expecting everyone else to live up to the bar you set is a recipe for disappointment.

You try to understand the world around you and this can create friction when a situation defies logic or when people act in ways you believe they shouldn’t. Allowing Sun in Gemini’s flexibility to soften the concrete nature of your Virgo Moon is a key to overcoming obstacles.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Gemini trine Moon in Virgo

Sun in Gemini trine Moon in Virgo gives great intellectual gifts which are easily conveyed in your communication with others. You can adapt your message and strategy to reach those from all walks of life. You are a natural messenger and mentor.

You care about the welfare of others and believe that if people know better they will do better, so your style of nurturing is based on being of service. Also, you quickly absorb and analyze information and when you trust your intellect and instincts you are most successful.

Rarity of this aspect: Rare

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