Sun in Virgo and Moon in Virgo

SunMoon-Virgo-Virgo.jpg Sun in Virgo and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Virgo makes you practical, grounded and analytical. You have a great eye for details and your memory is like a comprehensive database. You try to project the image of being a robot, remaining as objective as possible and trying to sort things out logically.

Your analytical personality is further enhanced by Moon in Virgo. Even when it comes to dealing with emotions, you remain cool and detached.

You aren’t likely to get carried away by intense feelings and emotional issues. You would rather use your gifts of logical analysis to work through emotional issues. Your instincts help you in practical situations. You are likely to have strong instincts but will look for rational cues to prove your gut feelings before jumping to conclusions.

Sometimes this involves second-guessing yourself, but other times it is a matter of making sure you have your facts clear before jumping to conclusions. You are reliable, sensible and down to earth. Others know they can count on you to remain calm in a crisis and to organize a rational, efficient response no matter what situation arises.

You can be a perfectionist and set a high standard for yourself and others. Your critical nature helps you trouble shoot and anticipate obstacles so you can work around them. On the other hand you can also make yourself unnecessarily anxious worrying about things that may never happen. You can somatize your emotions and if you are suppressing your feelings can develop nervous symptoms related to digestive issues.

You can appear detached and uncaring when in fact you are deeply sensitive to others’ needs. You simply don’t spin your wheels putting energy into things that will not have some measurable impact. You would rather spend your energy planning, organizing or researching ways to solve problems than give in to the emotional ups and downs.

Sun in Virgo conjunct Moon in Virgo

Sun in Virgo conjunct Moon in Virgo gives emphasis to your intellectual gifts. You are like a walking encyclopedia crossed with a super computer, or at least you try to be. You may suppress your emotional nature and channel all your instincts directly into your rational side.

This works for you more often than not. However it can also lead to problems when you need to empathize with others. You prefer instead to think things through and apply logic and reason rather than react on emotion alone. Even your precise intuition is only trusted after you have verified your instincts through your other senses and intellectual analysis.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

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