Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo

SunMoon-Pisces-Virgo.jpg Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo

Sun in Pisces gives you a sensitive, empathic, warm outer personality. Moon in Virgo helps to ground your psychic connection and filter your impressionable nature through a lens of practicality. You have a healthy dose of skepticism that helps to protect you from wishful thinking.

You are caring, compassionate and deeply concerned about the well being of others. Moon in Virgo helps you translate these instincts into practical methods for being of service to others.

You are down to earth but not cold and detached altogether. You have some degree of emotional distance thanks to Virgo Moon and this helps you step back and analyze how you are feeling with some objectivity.

You love to have a plan but can also be spontaneous and flexible. Your deep desire is to be of service in practical ways and to emerge into the perfect version of yourself. You may experience deep emotional healing in this incarnation to help you rise above self sabotage as well.

Health and wellness are important to you. You may be drawn to work in the medical field and in roles of service to others. You would also excel in roles that allow you to share your creative talents and spiritual side as part of the healing process. Spiritual advisor, mentor art therapist, life coach, or art or music therapist are all potential jobs that would interest you.

You are connected to your higher wisdom and look for rational, mundane ways to express walk your spiritual talk. You are usually humble and as much as you seek opportunity to help and heal others, you seldom seek the spotlight for doing so.

You can be romantic and attractive but also level headed once actually in relationships. You don’t let your feelings lead you to make hasty decisions.

Sun in Pisces opposite Moon in Virgo

Sun in Pisces opposite Moon in Virgo brings out the tension between your warm, empathic nature and your practical, detail oriented side.

You are down to earth and can be highly critical of yourself and others, just as you want to feel deeply connected. You have a strong sense of fantasy and mysticism but are grounded in practical beliefs.

If you work to reconcile these different energies, you can find the balance between your romantic, dreamy nature and an inner world that is focused on healing and being of service to others. You may benefit from trying to blend your interests in diet and health with your spiritual practices.

Rarity of this aspect: Average

Sun in Pisces quincunx Moon in Virgo

Sun in Pisces quincunx Moon in Virgo creates an awkward and tense flow of energy between your dreamy, mystical and spiritual personality and your inner desire for control and organization. You strive to be efficient and logical but can’t help being intuitive and imaginative at the same time.

You can learn to trust your intuition but also lean on your instinctive, practical nature to solve problems. You don’t have to be such a perfectionist and can allow your creative nature to help you go with the flow. Your biggest challenges can also help you realize your potential to be a healer and fulfill your mission.

Rarity of this aspect: Very rare

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