Mercury and Saturn aspects in the Birth Chart: Is your intellectual activity constructive and well planned?

3-7-intellect-constructive.jpg Mercury conjunct Saturn

Responsibility, seriousness and planning are your intellectual traits.

You don't jump to conclusions without a detailed examination of the facts.

You like to find out the truth of any issue even if this means working hard. You can persist much longer than others.

Logic is your preferred way to solve problems.

You aren't into superficial talks or communication. You need meaningful and deep conversations to fulfill your mind.

You can excel in mathematics, technology, engineering and politics and you don't refrain from difficult tasks.

You prefer to work on your projects alone because you can concentrate better without interference.

When you delve deep into your tasks, you might seem antisocial and aloof.

As a teacher you have the skills to explain things rationally and methodically.

You tend to resist changes. You don't trust new things unless they are rationally proved to be better.

You tend to worry too much when something is not going as planned, feeling you don't have any more control over the circumstances.

You need to accept your human limitations and the limitations of your circumstances. You can't control everything.

Your relationship might become difficult because you avoid communicating your feelings and thoughts.

Mercury sextile Saturn

You have strong powers of concentration and you can sort out any issue through patient analysis.

You handle details and complex thoughts easily.

You can be a good researcher or teacher. Architecture, construction, economy, research, law and politics are areas where you might excel.

Anything that has to do with structure is suited for you to pursue with your powerful mind.

You tend to take things too seriously and strive to keep the status quo unchanged.

You care much about your reputation and would do anything to defend it from possible attacks.

Your relationship might become difficult because you avoid communicating your feelings and thoughts.

Mercury square Saturn

You have extra-ordinary powers of concentration and intellectual analysis.

However, your mindset may become rigid when things don't go the way you desire. You resist changes, you miss life chances and become intolerant to different views.

You can become very opinionated.

You need your space, especially when you concentrate on your intellectual tasks. You prefer to work alone without interference.

This also creates feelings of loneliness. You want to be alone, but at the same time you feel lonely.

You need to keep things under control to overcome a sense of insecurity.

You don't have a good connection with authorities, especially at your job.

The suggestion here is to let go of control and trust the process more.

Mercury trine Saturn

You have a serious mindset and can focus on one project and see it through no matter what obstacles may come.

As a matter of fact, challenges only make you more determined and strengthen your resolve to succeed. You are intellectual and expect logic to solve all of your problems.

Your communication style can be blunt and to the point yet it works for you and people will praise you for being so direct rather than feeling offended.

Your ideas and plans may harken back to a prior era, you may draw inspiration and rules for life from past generations and still follow these rules dogmatically.

It is easy for you to manifest your ideas through your own efforts.

Mercury opposite Saturn

You can be flexible and open minded one minute but fear change and cling to the past the next minute. Often you sacrifice success because you are afraid to try new things, even if you can intellectually understand the benefit of doing so.

You are torn also between innovation and tradition and will often favor tradition out of fear of failure.

You draw on your wit and intelligence to prove yourself to others at times and may take a pessimistic view of the world.

Your cynicism can be modified with mindful awareness and you can potentially be a realistic and practical problem solver if you allow yourself to trust your intellect rather than discounting your ideas if they are too innovative.

Mercury quincunx Saturn

It may take some time and difficult circumstances for you to appreciate the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

While you are trying to figure out why your path seems to be so much harder than everyone else’s it may at some point occur to you that you have not been open to new ideas. You will also come to realize that your mindset tends to be cynical and restrictive.

When you step back and look at your patterns, you may come to recognize that you often talk yourself out of learning and trying new things and harbor many beliefs about life needing to be a challenge.

When you realize this, you can channel your energy of endurance and perseverance to accomplish a great deal.

In the mean time, you will need to overcome limiting beliefs and negative thinking based on fear, scarcity and mistrust.

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