Mars and Pluto aspects in the Birth Chart: Do you express your power in a bold and courageous way?

By 12andus

5-10-energy-bold.jpg Mars conjunct Pluto

You have a strong will toward realizing your goals, supported by your innate confidence, courage and persistence.

You are highly competitive and determined to meet your objectives when you want something. A certain amount of selfishness doesn't bother you.

You tend to act from your impulses and instincts. While this might give you a competitive advantage in the short term, it is not suited to long-term goals.

You embody a high level of sexual magnetism and you need to be aware of your tendency to take advantage and manipulate people through your sexual appeal.

You need a partner who can match your sexual intensity.

Impulsiveness also affects your relationships as you might become too pushy, controlling or even aggressive.

You can easily sense people's hidden agendas and you get pleasure in revealing hypocrisies.

Analytical and logical skills are also quite developed.

You like to challenge yourself with impossible missions and you throw yourself totally into them. You can function under great stress.

When you reach the object of your desires you might lose interest in it and move to a new challenge.

Mars sextile Pluto

You embody much energy and you can use it in a courageous, effective, focused and persistent way.

Even though your energy is strong and powerful, you usually know how to control it in a responsible way.

You have strong intuition about dangerous or challenging situation and you can sense when people are lying. Those skills make you fit for law, police or intelligence jobs.

Your love of the truth is strong and you can focus your mind and analyze situations in depth to find out where the truth is.

You are selflessly dedicated to political causes to radically improve the social injustices and you don't mind risking your position or reputation.

Your sexual magnetism is also strong, but you require a broader connection than plain sexual.

Mars square Pluto

It is not easy for you to manage your intense power. You feel extremely uncomfortable not being in control and this causes power struggles in your professional and personal life.

You are likely to get into conflicts that could easily have been avoided when people don’t follow your expectations exactly the way you want them to. If you can try to maintain some flexibility and openness to sharing power, you can potentially channel your power and confidence to succeed.

You can emerge as a leader and help others undergo their own powerful transformations as a healer if you are able to be more flexible with your expectations.

Mars trine Pluto

You are intense and courageous and can become obsessive. You easily harness your energy and motivation to pursue what you desire.

At times this can bring distractions because you can be so intent on one course of action that you don’t respect others’ boundaries or may miss better opportunities because your focus becomes too narrow.

You are highly energetic and convey authority and confidence in everything you do.

As a result others trust you to be the leader whether you wanted to be or not. Mostly, though, you are fine with being the default leader since you are attracted to status and power.

You also tend to attract wealth through your status and leadership abilities.

Mars opposite Pluto

Your energy is strong and antagonistic. You always need to be at war with the world in order to challenge yourself and feel powerful.

Excess energy can flow in a disorderly and insensitive way if you aren't aware of your unconscious motivations.

The fulfillment of your desires takes precedence over long-term planning and the awareness of the consequences of your actions.

While your sexual appeal is high, you need to learn how to control your sexual impulsiveness, voracity and to respect people's limits. You tend to dominate and exploit by leveraging your physical and mental power.

You need to direct your energy in a less selfish manner and work toward social changes.

Mars quincunx Pluto

You often feel intense bursts of physical and mental energy and this gives you a powerful rush.

You have a love-hate relationship with authority and partially this is a byproduct of your own insecurities. You both long for control and power and fear losing control and being exposed as incompetent.

As a result you may present a ferocious façade so that others don’t get close enough to see you sweat.

You can be impulsive and aggressive at times. With maturity and experience you can grow in your understanding of where personal power comes from and its most beneficial uses.

Until you have learned these lessons however, you may get into frequent conflicts and seek out controversy and arguments as a way to assert dominion over others.

Your competitive streak can lead you to waste energy and time and possibly burn bridges, by focusing on adversarial roles in relationships.

It will take time and maturity for you to develop any degree of comfort taking direction from others or acknowledging a higher authority.

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