Mars and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you use your powerful energy with people?

5-11-energy-people.jpg Mars conjunct Ascendant

You inherently have a high energy level.

Your body emanates an aura of strength, even if you aren’t physically large in stature.

You need to be constantly on the move, but your actions don't always arise from carefully planned ideas.

You act before thinking and you rush to action as if you might miss something.

You need much independence in your life and you aim to be a leader in your area.

You are nonetheless creative and are willing take risks to reach your goals.

You are very competitive and when people challenge your views, your reaction can be quite insensitive and angry.

Discipline and patience would greatly enhance the effectiveness of your energy.

Mars sextile Ascendant

You have a lot of enthusiasm and energy to bring your projects to light.

You are outspoken, straightforward and you don't care much about what people might think of you.

You take every chance to assert yourself and compete. You get a subtle pleasure in feeling you are the first and the best.

You have good leadership abilities and you instinctively know how to manage human resources, but you need to control your tendency to be bossy.

You are daring and courageous and you don't mind sacrificing your public image for the sake of your goals.

You are ready to defend vulnerable people in need and to be a source of support for them.

Mars square Ascendant

You may burn bridges unintentionally if you are not careful. Your intensity can overwhelm others. You are authentic and straightforward and your candid nature can be hard for others to take. You don’t mean to harm others yet you also don’t sugar coat things.

Challenges and conflicts can help you to learn how to be more subtle in your approach to others.

You could be a leader because you love to take initiative and can endure hardships because you persevere and are highly motivated.

In order to succeed however you will need to work on your communication skills and become more empathic toward others.

It is difficult for you to take direction from others and you tend to work alone and resist dealing with any other higher authority. Some times this works against your goals however as you miss opportunities to learn from others.

Mars trine Ascendant

You use your courageous dynamic energy to directly benefit others as an advocate and champion of different causes. You display your enthusiasm and courage openly.

You appear strong and assertive and people are inclined to respond favorably to your intense energy. You easily become a leader and rise to the challenge of paving a new path for others.

You love to be the first and the best at everything and you want others to notice it. Usually you make sure your actions are in fact praiseworthy.

Others will recognize you as an advocate and a tireless warrior who uses your strength and passion to uplift others.

Mars opposite Ascendant

Definitely you have much energy and enthusiasm for your projects and you have leadership qualities, but you tend to overwhelm people with your authoritative energy.

Reflection is not your strong suit and you tend to rush to action without thinking first.

There's a difference between expressing yourself in a straightforward way and being argumentative or hurting people. Often you aren't sensitive to the consequences of your words.

You don't respect authorities even when they express their position with honesty because you feel threatened by anybody in a superior position.

You tend to become easily angry and also to forget it quickly.

Be careful not to drain your energy by exerting more than your physical limits. The challenges you face in managing your intense energy can be evident in your physical appearance, you are likely to be restless, high strung and frequently fidgeting.

Mars quincunx Ascendant

You don’t easily channel your intense personal energy to promote your own best interests. You may divert your energy by pursuing distracting activities and power struggles that only undermine your goals.

You are also likely to feel uncomfortable with your own power. You may try to suppress your drive toward action, reacting with impulsivity only when it is obvious that you can no longer stifle your instincts. You may fear the intensity of your own anger and as a result, you try to hold everything in.

With maturity and experience you will grow to be able to harness your enthusiasm, will power and motivation in positive ways. You will also be able to overcome conflicts if you channel your motivation and courage in productive ways.

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