Saturn and Pluto aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you deal with power, boundaries and transformation?

7-10-power-boundaries.jpg Saturn conjunct Pluto

You have a serious and intense personality which may give others the impression that you lack a sense of humor. This isn’t the case, however you have had to face the grim aspects of reality from a young age and so you aren’t as frivolous as others and take little for granted.

When motivated, you can become focused and obsessive, pouring over details in order to succeed on your mission. You have the potential to become wise and mature and a powerful leader if you can fully embrace the personal transformations and sacrifices that must come first.

You easily set boundaries with others, however it is difficult for you to accept an answer from others that limits your power of will in any way. As a result you may learn difficult lessons in relationships and may perceive others’ limits as unacceptable rejection.

Although you naturally exude power and leadership potential you struggle with acceptance of any authority other than your own. You may have a difficult relationship with a father figure or an absent or extremely demanding authority figure in your early life.

Saturn sextile Pluto

Although you are naturally confident and possess a striking sense of power and charisma which can prove useful in settings in which you take the lead, it can be difficult for you to work under the direction or authority of anyone else.

You are cut out for management yet may struggle with the processes required to help you ascend through the ranks, especially if others challenge your way of thinking or make you feel at all out of control or subservient.

You are able to honor tradition and are attentive to important details as you build a framework for your career or personal life, and you are no stranger to sacrifice and hard work. Yet as demanding as you are on yourself, you can be equally demanding on others and may find that it is easier to work alone or with minimal direction from others.

You can be persuasive, charismatic, sexually appealing and charming though you have an edge to your personality and others will have to prove themselves before they get to know the real you.

Although you may experience hardships which result in losses or restrictions, you also find great wisdom through the process and may become an agent of change and pillar of stability to others, as long as you have a personal interest in sharing your wisdom.

No one will be able to convince you to do anything that wasn’t already your idea or which you aren’t personally motivated to do.

Saturn square Pluto

You tend to resist transformation even when it would be beneficial to you. You need to constantly be in control and this can get you into trouble because you make life more chaotic for yourself by trying to always be the authority.

You are likely to limit your perspective and alienate potential allies because you will not recognize any authority other than yourself.

When you are thrust into a crisis you have the potential to develop greater awareness of your strengths and true power. Until you embrace and work through your insecurities and discover your true motivations and power you may remain entangled in a cycle of self sabotage and avoidance that costs you valuable opportunities in personal life and career.

Saturn trine Pluto

You are intense and your confidence attracts others to you. You have a magnetic energy that draws others in.

Your appeal may also lie in your maturity as you appear and act older than you are and may come to be more physically and sexually attractive to others later in life. You are ambitious and hard working and when you have a plan and idea in mind nobody can stop you.

Even the most significantly life altering crisis only serves to make you wiser and more successful in the long run. You embrace transformation and become more determined to succeed no matter how challenging things become.

You will also use your own experiences with transformation as a springboard to help facilitate healing and insight for others.

Saturn opposite Pluto

Your sense of timing is out of alignment with your obsessive mindset and desire to exert power in situations. You may rush relationships, skip needed steps while trying to advance your career or demand high levels of respect and loyalty among those you’ve just met.

You are hard working and self sacrificing however you may develop a pattern of undermining yourself because of power struggles and stubbornness.

You are prone to obsessions and addictions and even when on track to success, it is easier for you to burn your bridges to prove a point if others are not persuaded to give in to your demands.

You could be a powerfully minded, wise leader if you are able to address your Shadow side and work on cultivating patience and flexibility.

Saturn quincunx Pluto

Your ambition and desire for power can have a disruptive effect on your sense of timing. You may hesitate too long, obsessing over every detail, rather than taking initiative.

You may also insist on acting alone and under the limited scope of your own experience. You are intelligent and perceptive, yet you will succeed and reach your goals more efficiently if you are open to the expertise of others.

Your constant conflicts with authority may also undermine your success as you may place unnecessary limitations on yourself or burn bridges with allies.

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