Saturn and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: Are you self-disciplined?

7-12-self-disciplined.jpg Saturn conjunct Ascendant

You have a serious disposition and are inclined toward hard work, sacrifice and attention to detail.

You may appear older than you are or others may perceive right away that you are an ‘old soul.’

You tend to be conservative and efficient. You embrace self discipline and routines as a way to create the foundation you need to be successful in career and personal life.

You may come across as distant and aloof, yet you are practical. Rooted in tradition, you absorb wisdom from the experiences of others and learn from your elders.

You have potential for leadership in business. You leave no stone uncovered when you are working toward your goals and address the tedious details that others overlook.

Saturn sextile Ascendant

You manage responsibilities independently even from a young age. You may feel as if you were born old or experiences early in life aged you beyond your years. You may have had numerous challenges but these tend to shape your character and motivation rather than stopping you from attaining your goals.

You are hard working and dedicated to improving society though you tend to prefer to work alone. You get more accomplished in solitude than as part of a team, though you also have strong potential for leadership. Self-discipline comes easy to you and you prefer structure and routines to spontaneous action.

You take life seriously and approach situations with caution, always considering matters of tradition, security and risk before proceeding. You prefer to hold on to the past and may dress in a retro style or have a strong interest in history or archaic topics.

Saturn square Ascendant

You can be self disciplined yet it will typically take a crisis or challenge to force you to act from this aspect of yourself. Under typical circumstances you may be impatient and more willing to take risks, or hasty with your decisions.

You may cut corners and not show your best possible efforts until you are backed into a corner and have failed numerous other ways. Only then will you buckle down and call on your practical organizational skills and ability to self moderate and practice discipline.

You could be more consistent and cautious on a regular basis but you don’t like feeling restricted and you fear missing out on an opportunity if you are too closely tied to the rulebook.

Saturn trine Ascendant

You are highly self disciplined and have strong organizational skills. You always want things to work in practical, methodical ways. You are uncomfortable with spontaneity and are seldom impulsive.

You are also naturally cautious and will not make any decision unless you have researched it thoroughly.

The thought of missing out on something because you took too long to act does not scare you. You know from life experiences that another opportunity is always going to present itself if you just wait long enough.

Saturn opposite Ascendant

You vacillate between being too rigid and being undisciplined. When it counts you know how to show restraint and follow an orderly path. Yet you often rebel against this and let your spontaneous side show.

If you are able to better moderate your practical, disciplined side more consistently and avoid extremes of overexerting yourself and being harsh with yourself in ways that are too demanding and unsustainable, you will be much more successful.

Saturn quincunx Ascendant

You have potential for leadership and have the potential to be successful in your career because of your hard work and determination. You can be self disciplined but you tend to avoid taking the initiative to restrain yourself especially early in life.

You fear being confined and limited and feel a revulsion to any form of authority or self regulation.

With time and maturity you will come to recognize the benefit of being able to modify your drives and show more discipline. This will likely develop for you only after you have had several experiences in which you lost a relationship or opportunity which you value.

You will then become motivated to put the brakes on and follow a more consistent routine. When you do, you will realize it was not the enormous sacrifice you imagined it would be.

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