Pluto and North Node aspects in the Birth Chart: How does deep personal transformation help you achieve your destiny?

9-11-transformation-destiny.jpg Pluto conjunct North Node

You are focused on your path and are a force to be reckoned with.

Your intense personality and powerful intellect lead you to reveal hidden truths which lead to powerful transformation. Any challenges or crises you encounter become opportunities to lift the veil and understand the heart of the situation. As a result you are easily able to pull back the illusions and reach your destiny.

You may experience losses or challenges with authority figures early in life and these crises shape your path and help you understand your true power and purpose.

Pluto sextile North Node

You are intense and confident and others are drawn to your serious ambition. You tend to attract people who continually help you to reach your goals and ascend into positions of power.

You may become a leader in business or politics as a result of your fortunate connections. Your gifts for insight and revealing hidden truths also make you a strong candidate for careers in forensics and counseling.

Usually you will have to walk through the fire first in order to bring focus to your career. You may be a recovering person who then decides to use your experience to help others find healing, for example.

Pluto square North Node

You are likely to resist personal transformation and hold on to control. When you do finally decide to let go it is likely because you sense that you have strayed too far from your destiny and need to get back on track.

Often this realization will come after you have lost what is most important to you. You may need to undergo a significant personal transformation in order to heal and resolve losses.

Once you do this however you will find that your attitudes and mindset are different and you can embrace your highest potential.

Pluto trine North Node

You are driven to fulfill your mission and will not be distracted by personal desires.

Instead you pour your energy into fulfilling your destiny at any cost. Your willingness to succeed is also a willingness to confront your own fears and subconscious patterns.

You are able to transcend obstacles through complete transformation, releasing old baggage and freeing yourself from any illusions that may feel good emotionally but are a hindrance to truth and empowerment.

You easily take the reigns and direct your path and your intense focus helps you to go deeper into your process of evolution and ascension. You may go to extremes to achieve what you believe to be your destiny.

Pluto opposite North Node

You have a great deal of personal energy, willpower, and intense focus and you can evolve and mature to use these gifts to help fulfill your destiny.

You are likely to vacillate between self centered focus on your own ambition and power and your ultimate path to fulfilling your destiny.

On the path to this maturity however, you are likely to have to contend with power struggles and conflicts as you try too hard to assert your will on others or situations beyond your control.

You may have to experience transformation and evolution under duress, backing yourself into a corner because you have taken a rigid, unyielding stance.

In such cases, a stubborn streak results in a conviction that you will only release control under the most extreme circumstances. Due to this resolution, you will find Karmic crises which serve to help you relinquish the control you had been holding on to.

With experience and evolution you will learn to harness your power and work in conjunction with your higher self to achieve your purpose, rather than struggling to assert control or manipulating others.

Pluto quincunx North Node

You are intense and obsessive and over time you can learn to use these gifts to help fulfill your destiny.

As you find your true confidence and power, you will discover your higher calling. Your purpose is closely tied to areas in life in which you have to go through difficult initiations as a result of loss, illness, addiction and the experience of power, powerlessness and recovery.

As you grow to understand the dynamics of personal transformation you will be brought onto the path of serving others as a healer or mentor.

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