North Node and Midheaven aspects in the Birth Chart: Is your career aligned with your purpose and destiny?

11-13-career-destiny.jpgNorth Node conjunct Midheaven

You know from an early age what your purpose is and seek out opportunities through work and career to fulfill your purpose. You have a clear sense of your gifts and talents and you are able to focus your energy on your ultimate goal.

You are likely to be assisted by others in Karmic relationships and fortunate connections as you transcend obstacles and rise to positions of authority and credibility in your field.

Although you may glean wealth and recognition from your chosen career, you are guided by a purpose greater than self promotion.

North Node sextile Midheaven

You may rise to positions of power, and others may help you navigate your career path through Karmic twists and turns.

Your focus fuels your ascent through the ranks though there is always an understanding that you are fulfilling a greater mission and so your path involves a choice to collaborate with your higher self, but you are not pursuing a path chosen by your ego.

Instead you feel as if events beyond your control have set you on a course that you can’t turn away from. This is likely to align with your values and views so that you don’t feel resentment at not being able to consciously separate your self from your mission.

Instead you are likely to feel a sense of completion as you align with your purpose.

North Node square Midheaven

You may try to wrestle with an idea of what you think you are meant to do with the career you have chosen.

When this repeatedly backfires you could come to adjust your thinking about your career and destiny. It is likely that you are seeking career options that feed your ego on some level but which do not contribute to your personal advancement toward your mission.

It is also likely that you are refusing to see the signs that surround you showing you the path to fulfilling your higher purpose.

Step back from your ego attachments and accept limitations and dead ends as a signal that you are trying to force something to fit which is really not your best career option or ideal path to begin with.

North Node trine Midheaven

You are confident in your path and understand your destiny.

Your focus and motivation help you align your ultimate purpose with your chosen career. You may be a spokesperson for a cause, as you embody a powerful message that is part of your destiny.

You always knew you were destined for a career in public life or leadership and you embrace this path from a young age. You are less concerned with your own ego and materialistic needs.

Instead you are fueled by a strong sense of mission. It is easy for you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your higher calling.

North Node opposite Midheaven

You strive to utilize your career as a vehicle to express your message and fulfill your purpose.

Whether through business, politics, advocacy or other work, you have a vision of setting things right through the work that you do.

In spite of this awareness, it seems that you are frequently side tracked from your path. You may pursue distractions out of desire for power, prestige or recognition that doesn’t align with your purpose.

You may also experience obstacles that prevent you from fully accessing your highest potential until Karmic lessons are learned.

You may have to mature and evolve further before you are ready for the responsibility, power and status which accompany fulfilling your mission.

North Node quincunx Midheaven

You aren’t comfortable with the fate you feel propelled to follow. As a result you may resist your path and sabotage the career you desire.

With maturity and experience you may come to develop greater confidence in yourself and know in your heart what path is best both in terms of Karma and destiny as well as your interests and passions.

You may have to undergo some type of healing or recovery process which will pave the way for your destiny and career and even if you understood your path intellectually you would not truly be able to follow it until you experience certain processes.

You may wish you could go back in time and speed up the process but this would be useless because you had to experience confusion and disruption in earlier life so that you would have the ability to fulfill your mission and evolve.

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