Eros - The Power of Sexual Energy and Infatuation

    By 12andus

    eros.png Eros, the asteroid, is associated with erotic love and desire as the name suggests.

    In mythology, Eros was the God of sexual desire and lust. Thus Eros in the Astrological Chart shows how you experience sexual desires and even fetishes or sexual kinks.

    In particular, Eros shows what makes you break with logic and rationality in the midst of lust or sexual desire. Eros shows the aspects of love and desire that make you want to lose control of your inhibitions.

    Like the power of intoxication, Eros shows how you lose control of yourself makes you abandon self control. Eros is commonly known as Cupid.

    Just as we have come to imagine the winged deity with the bow and arrow, bringing havoc by randomly shooting people with his arrow and creating maddening lust, Eros is associated with sudden and powerful lust.

    The desires you can’t easily control and your most powerful turn ons are described by the placement of Eros in your Astrological chart.

    Thus Eros in Taurus is likely to lose control when they are pampered by a lover. Massage, sensual foreplay and even markers of money and status are all erogenous for a person with Eros in Taurus.

    Also, as each sign is associated with specific body parts, Eros’s placement can show what body parts are highly erotic to an individual. In this case, the neck is highly sensitive.

    Eros in Sagittarius is likely to find legs to be sexy and alluring. Someone with this placement will be drawn to excitement associated with travel and may fetishize foreign cultures.

    Eros can also lead us to focus on objectification of specific aspects of sexuality. So Eros is not about romantic love or even about a total sexual experience, but rather with a fascination of some specific aspect of sexual desire.

    Eros in Gemini may have a fascination with being spoken to or whispered to. This placement can also create erotic energy stimulated when you hear music or when your lover whispers in your ear.

    Pillow talk is amplified with this placement as well. This person may also have a fetish about being sexually involved with twins or with two people at once.

    House placement can also give insight into how Eros is expressed in the Natal Chart. Eros in the Twelfth House can lead you to fetishize alcohol or drug use as part of the sexual experience and may create an obsession with the blend between spirituality and sexuality.

    On the other hand, Eros in the Sixth House may have a fetish about watching someone do chores or having sexual encounters at work or in other mundane settings.

    They may be more introverted and subtle about their sexual fantasies as opposed to someone with Eros in the First House who openly exhibits their lusty desires and may have a fantasy about being watched during sexual acts or having sex in areas where they are visible to others.

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