Uranus and Chiron aspects in the Synastry Chart: How does this relationship trigger dramatic and unusual change?

By 12andus

Uranus-Chiron-Harm.jpg Uranus and Chiron conjunct in the synastry chart

This pair finds intense, dramatic and innovative change to be exhilarating and healing. At the heart of this connection is a strong sense of intellectual and instinctive purpose.

Chiron person is drawn to Uranus person's unique personality and is sensitive to the progressive ideals that propel Uranus person forward.

Uranus person is fascinated by Chiron person because their past traumas give them a unique perspective and broad view. Both are humanitarians and both help to break open barriers and enhance each others’ lives.

Uranus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Chiron in the synastry chart

Both Chiron person and Uranus person spark dramatic change and healing in each others’ lives. Each may encounter the other during a time of stagnation when a catalyst for release is needed. Although upheaval may bring excitement, each will be able to inspire a ‘clean break’ for the other.

Uranus person helps Chiron person make a fresh start when they need to. Chiron person can make progress on their healing and awakening thanks to Uranus person's help and broad perspective.

Chiron person helps Uranus person find focus and clarity about their own underlying wounds and need for radical change and healing and not just disruption for the sake of disruption.

Uranus opposite, square or semi-square Chiron in the synastry chart

This connection brings haphazard, dramatic and unpredictable energy. Both will find each other to be bizarre, unusual and challenging to figure out or deal with.

Uranus person is baffled by Chiron person's unique perspective though they appreciate Chiron person's maverick style. Still, Chiron person is all about bringing Uranus person's core wounds to light and Uranus person wants nothing to do with feeling exposed or even understood, especially by someone else.

Chiron person can find their path to dramatic change which results in eventual healing through connection to Uranus person but first must contend with Uranus person's unusual beliefs and erratic nature, which Chiron person may initially find unsettling.

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