Expansion in life's areas: Jupiter transiting in the natal houses

jupiter This is the first article of a series. We will explore the meaning of the planets transiting in the natal houses and the meaning of the aspects with the natal planets.

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Jupiter transiting in natal house 1
This period is favorable to focus on your identity, what you can grow in your life and on the areas where you can expand your knowledge, work, spiritual life, travel and experiences.

Since you enjoy the inner optimism to start new projects, this transit brings an expansion of your whole persona.

Also this is a good time to question your mental conditioning and open your view to new philosophies and way of thinking.

If there's a risk about this mostly positive transit is an excess of optimism bringing unrealistic expectations and delusions, but this will only happen if you involve your ego too much in your endeavors.

Only the ego is greedy, not the spiritual nature of Jupiter.

Jupiter transiting in natal house 2
Anything that is connected to “value” will be expanded during this time. Value as money or possessions, but also in the intellectual/spiritual areas and around self-worth values.

Depending on what you value most, you will experience growth. If you refrained from marketing activities, from buying a house, expanding your knowledge or traveling, this is the right time to go for it.

The suggestion here isn’t to buy things just for fulfilling your ego or your external image, but to connect materiality with your deep inner needs.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 3

Anything connected to contacts, communication and study will experience an expansion during this transit. Also, it's a very favorable time to connect with relatives and to study something new.

Your love of knowledge, communication and writing skills improve, as well as traveling as a way to get more experiences and contacts.

If you manage a blog or any social media pages, it’s an excellent moment to expand your presence and write frankly about the subjects you care.

This is also a favorable time for teaching and for academic ventures.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 4

In this transit you will give more importance to emotional security and support. Your past, family, home and inner world will be at the forefront of your attention.

Now you need stability, both in your soul and in the external world. It's a good time to grow roots by connecting deeper with your original roots and the place you grew up, as well for investing in a house or land as a way to have a nest where you can feel at home.

During this time you might inquiry into the past conditioning that shaped your psyche, especially the ones connected with your parents. You might approach this inquiry in the form of self-reflections or through psychotherapy/spiritual workshops.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 5

During this transit  you going to experience an explosion of creativity. You will not refrain anymore to express yourself and show the world the results of your creativity.

Show shouldn't be meant as “show off”. As less as your ego is involved, the more pure and beautiful your expressiveness will be. Your artistic skills will be greatly expanded at this time.

Openness to people will also encourage romantic and intimate meetings. You might meet a person who opens your intellectual view, maybe from another country or from a different background.

Romantic encounters in this time can enjoy an expansion of your knowledge.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 6
Your work and daily activities will improve during this transit. Especially work relationships will enjoy the positive Jupiterian expansion.

Even if you considered your job boring, now you can see the other side of the coin in a job which can become fulfilling and a source of professional and personal expansion.

You’ll give more attention to your health and have a chance to improve it considerably. However, be careful not to indulge in food. Jupiter is expansionary even in the physical area.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 7
Relationships will greatly improve during this transit. Anything from marriage to business partnerships is positively impacted by Jupiter.

Even conflicting situations like civil suits in the court, for example, are going to improve.

People you are connected by romantic or mutual interests will bring something positive in your life. You might also start a new relationship with a foreigner or a person with a very different culture.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 8
During this transit there are good chances to improve your financial condition through somebody's else resources. Might be a loan from a bank, a crowdfunding site or an inheritance.

As well, since your mind will turn into deeper subjects, you have now the inner tools to inquiry into your patterns and motivation, in order to increase your awareness and self-understanding about breaking free from old patterns.

This will deepen your soul and open the road for more spiritual understanding of life.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 9
During this transit, everything connected to the concept of “far” will expand in your life, as in actual traveling, or inner explorations such as philosophy and spirituality.

Also is a great time to let the world know about your ideas and philosophy by writing and publishing, as well as being involved in groups promoting self-understanding and a path toward awareness.

Your old beliefs will get an upgrade and your intellectual borders will greatly expand.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 10
The 10th house represents  the top of the house system and expresses your visibility to the world. Jupiter transiting will expand anything connected to your career and profession.

If you worked hard in the previous years, now Jupiter will help you to reap the fruits of your efforts. You can be recognized in your endeavors and reach the required status.

However, don't become presumptuous in your craving for success because the Jupiterian expansion won't last forever and you might need to go back working hard.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 11
During this transit anything connected to social issues, ideas, groups and friends will be greatly expanded.

You attention won't be toward selfish goals. You’ll care of the common good more than yours.

In order to do that you will associate with like-minded people supporting social reforms and humanitarian views.

Friends will represent a big source of support during this time.


Jupiter transiting in natal house 12
This transit will bring a loosening of your ego in a positive way. Even though at times you might feel threatened by letting go of your self-centeredness, Jupiter in the 12th house will make space for something much bigger than your ego.

Compassion, empathy and the awareness of people's suffering will touch your heart and expand a spiritual attitude. You might discover a spiritual teacher or spiritual knowledge as more meaningful than chasing material objects.

Healing, expanded states of consciousness and hidden dimensions of life are subjects you might approach with interest.

Since the 12th house might bring some confusion in your psyche, just be careful to not jump into weird activities connected with the occult. This time you are very sensitive and your mental health might be affected.

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