Chiron and Lilith aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you deal with unresolved trauma?

By 12andus

Chiron-Lilith-Harm.jpg Chiron conjunct Lilith

You have the potential to become a powerful ally and advocate for the healing and transformation of others but must first deal with your own suppressed wounds and traumas.

Your obsessive desire to make sense and meaning out of your past traumas and wounds can lead you to become an advocate and fierce supporter of others who have experienced social repression or rejection.

In particular, the rejection or suppression of sexual wounds or traumas related to sexual identity is a catalyst for you to try to transform pain into purpose. You are likely to find transformation and have a strong sense of intuition that leads you to harness your unrestrained inner passion in service of healing others.

The exact same reasons you may feel like an outsider can also lead you to become a beacon to others who feel rejected by society. You have great personal strength in your rejection of social norms related to self-acceptance and sexuality and you aren’t blocked from using your power because you don’t care who is intimidated.

Chiron sextile Lilith

You have the confidence and intuition you need to follow your own deeper instincts and express your inner desires and sexuality.

Helping other heal wounds you’ve experienced also brings you closer to validating your own inner wounds and past rage. Your sexual desires and sense of identity are enhanced by your unique wisdom and intuitive instincts.

When you follow your hard earned wisdom, you easily awaken your sense of deeper confidence and intuition.

Chiron square Lilith

You may have to overcome friction between your past wounds and unique wisdom and your desire to rebel against your purpose and mission in order to pursue your own ambitions.

Though your past wounds and traumas can make you a powerful healer, you may resist following this path if it interferes with your independence and freedom.

Your desire for healing and feeling of alienation can lead you to become self-sufficient and confident but you may have to work through insecurities and repression before fully embracing your deeper desires and identity.

Chiron trine Lilith

It’s easy for you to draw on your past wounds and traumas in order to heal others. You can also easily trust your deep instincts even when following your passions leads you to rebel against the status quo.

You may easily become a role model or inspiration for others because of your unapologetic passion and willingness to embrace your deeper desires and sexuality. If you work through your deeper past wounds, you will very easily find a sense of power and confidence.

Your rebellious inner nature can show through because of this ease of confidence and intuition.

Chiron opposite Lilith

You can become obsessed with your independence and lost in your deeper rage and unrestrained emotions. This can distract you from your potential as a role model or healer for others.

You may feel like an outcast because of past wounds and traumas and your first reaction may be to get lost in vengeful rage rather than transforming the traumatic energy into opportunities to heal.

You may have dark fantasies or desires that result in your feeling like an outcast. Advocating for your own acceptance may require you to challenge social constructs on a level that presents greater challenges.

While facing and dealing with your Shadow can be a key to opening up deeper power, courage and creativity as well as intuitive connection that can help to serve others, your first line of defense will be suppression and denial. This will only eventually bubble over to the point of explosion and sabotage.

Instead, it is ideal to work through the challenges of acknowledging your traumas and learning to accept the strength past wounds have given you.

Chiron quincunx Lilith

You have to grow to become more comfortable with your past traumas and unusual instincts. Your hard earned wisdom and unique perspective don’t always easily fit with the status quo.

You may vacillate between rejecting and rebelling against the status quo and then also wanting to be a helpful guide or healer to others who are experiencing wounds similar to your own.

Your unique wisdom and intuition can help you work through challenging situations but you may have to struggle to overcome past traumas before you become fully self aware.

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