Sun and Lilith aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you blend your unique and instinctive traits?

    By 12andus

    Sun-Lilith-Harm.jpg Sun and Lilith conjunct in the synastry chart

    When Sun person's Sun and Lilith person's Lilith combine, each person awakens the deep desire for individuality and creativity in each other.

    You both feel admiration for each other. Sun person helps Lilith person recognize their subconscious gifts and strengths. Sun person brings optimism and hope that can shed light on Lilith person's otherwise sinister attitude toward life. Sun person can also help Lilith person feel like they can be free to be who they are.

    Lilith person can find validation and encouragement from Sun person. Though Lilith person will rebel against anyone who tries to overstep their boundaries, with Sun person they are treated as a peer and potential leader rather than someone who has to prove themselves.

    Sun trine, sextile or semi-sextile Lilith in the synastry chart

    In this combination, the hidden temptations to be free, wild and expressive are in turmoil with being true to individuality and independent drives.

    You may complement each other or balance out optimism with cynicism.

    The combination of Lilith person's Lilith and Sun person's Sun, you fuel each others’ individuality and creativity in many ways.

    Lilith person looks to Sun person to find inspiration and validation of their deeper instincts and individuality. Lilith person may be unconscious of their true nature and talents until receiving validation and recognition from Sun person.

    Sun opposite, square or semi-square Lilith in the synastry chart

    The tension in this relationship can fuel each person to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

    Lilith person's rebellious nature can provoke Sun person's desire to lead and persuade Lilith person. However this can backfire if Lilith person feels they are being controlled.

    Lilith person may feel like Sun person is too optimistic and downplays serious issues. Lilith person may provide the push Sun person needs to become more motivated and Sun person can help Lilith person to direct their rage and deeper instincts toward positive, creative ends.

    On the other hand, Sun person can get annoyed by Lilith person's cynicism and rage.

    Both may compete with each other rather than collaborating but even this competition can fuel motivation and action.

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