Mercury and Lilith aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you handle communication about deeper instincts and emotions?


    Mercury-Lilith-Harm.jpg Mercury and Lilith conjunct in the synastry chart

    This combination helps each partner intuitively and instinctively sense each others’ inner world and communicate in a way that speaks directly to the inner wisdom of the other.

    Mercury person's Mercury is flexible and accepting enough to help Lilith person express and make sense of their deeper instincts and sometimes rebellious emotional currents.

    Lilith person's Lilith challenges Mercury person to go deeper than their intellect and trust their deeper inner instincts.

    Lilith person looks to Mercury person for optimism and to help them make sense of their deeper subconscious wounds. Mercury person's rational perspective can help Lilith person feel supported and encouraged to be true to their mission and identity.

    Mercury person looks to Lilith person for excitement and authenticity and Lilith person helps Mercury person to honor their deeper, wild instincts, reminding them that rationality and logic don’t hold all the answers. Lilith person reminds Mercury person that they have deeper wisdom in their intuition and instincts combined with intellect.

    Mercury trine, sextile or semi-sextile Lilith in the synastry chart

    Both Lilith person and Mercury person help each other to bring unhealed deeper wounds and unconscious emotion to the surface and articulate deeper, wild instincts.

    Mercury person helps Lilith person make sense of their inner restlessness and insecurities, sexual passions and unresolved rage. Mercury person may find Lilith person to be highly emotional but is also intrigued by Lilith person's edgy and unique perspective.

    Lilith person is comfortable with Mercury person's somewhat detached and intellectual nature because Lilith person won’t see Mercury person as being emotionally stifling or restrictive.

    In fact, it helps Lilith person to know that Mercury person is adaptable and open minded because Lilith person can then feel free to be true to their inner nature without fearing rejection or confinement.

    Mercury opposite, square or semi-square Lilith in the synastry chart

    This combination produces intensity and flare ups between emotion and intellect.

    Mercury person can seem too intellectual and detached for Lilith person to really believe they are being taken seriously. On the other hand, Lilith person appreciates that Mercury person isn’t trying to confine or stifle them, however Lilith person is also likely to see Mercury person as being dismissive of their deeper emotions and instincts.

    Mercury person will make a big mistake when they try to get Lilith person to calm down and be rational. Lilith person will take Mercury person's intellectual and logical approach as a complete dismissal of their true nature and intuition.

    Lilith person can overwhelm Mercury person with their unpredictable moods. Though Mercury person can be intrigued by Lilith person's unique and edgy personality and respect their need for space, Mercury person will also seem condescending or patronizing when what Lilith person is really looking for is someone to recognize the importance of their unique understanding.

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