Mars and Lilith aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you fuel each other’s passions for independence?

By 12andus

Mars-Lilith-Harm.jpg Mars and Lilith conjunct in the synastry chart

This pairing can be dynamic and intense. Each can trigger the potential for drama, excitement, sexuality or focus.

Mars person is drawn to Lilith person's raw power and dramatic energy. Lilith person's sexuality and independence are admired by Mars person as well. When Mars person is around, Lilith person is encouraged to be true to their authentic nature. Even if doing so causes conflict, Mars person is more likely to become excited by this than to become angry or resentful.

Lilith person admires Mars person's courage and takes a cue from Mars person to follow their own drumbeat. Though Lilith person will never outwardly acknowledge this and will fully act as if any ideas were formed independently of Mars person.

Still, this partnership can bring focus, energy, courage and passion to the forefront. It doesn’t bother Mars person that Lilith person can be edgy and dark at times. Just more fuel for the fire as far as Mars person is concerned.

Lilith person appreciates where Mars person is coming from when Mars person is head-strong and willful because Lilith person can match Mars person's energy in this regard.

Mars trine, sextile or semi-sextile Lilith in the synastry chart

Passions are heightened and each person can empower the healing of conscious and subconscious wounds.

Mars person helps Lilith person find the strength to express deeper wounds and release unexpressed anger. Mars person's optimism helps Lilith person take some edge off of Lilith person's personality. Lilith person's independence and insistence on following their own instincts is refreshing for Mars person.

Lilith person looks to MARS as an ally, recognizing that MARS understands their deeper need for independence and can understand Lilith person's passionate and sometimes rebellious nature.

This pairing can overcome dramatic challenges together. They can inspire and empower each other during times of difficulty, helping each other push through difficult times and remain true to their instincts and passions.

Mars opposite, square or semi-square Lilith in the synastry chart

This configuration can be dynamic. This pair knows how to set off the fireworks. This combination can be passionate but also frustrating to each other.

Mars person needs to be in charge and presumes they are the leader. However, Lilith person will have none of this. Instead of acquiescing to Mars person's lead, Lilith person will push back and fight for their own independence.

Lilith person follows only their own instincts and will not defer to Mars person's authority. As a result, Mars person will feel frustrated, trying to dominate Lilith person.

This pairing can fuel each other’s sexual and passionate interests but there will be more frustration and friction than empowerment in this pairing.

Mars person is too self-focused to understand why Lilith person has to chart their own path and Lilith person has little patience for Mars person's optimism and vision, instead Lilith person maintains their edgy side in spite of Mars person's attempts to help Lilith person overcome past wounds.

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