True Lunar Node and Lilith aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you help each other follow deeper individual instincts?

True Lunar Node-Lilith-Harm.jpg True Lunar Node and Lilith conjunct in the synastry chart

This pair can be a dynamic team and can help each other propel toward greater purpose and identity.

True Lunar Node person feels instinctively drawn to Lilith person's confident and rebellious nature. True Lunar Node person knows they have important business to accomplish with Lilith person and may look to Lilith person to help them stay true to their authentic sense of self and instincts.

Lilith person may see True Lunar Node person as an ally who understands their deeper needs and unconscious feelings. True Lunar Node person is accepting and supportive and may be so welcoming to Lilith person that Lilith person sees this unconditional love and support as a unique full acceptance of their true nature.

True Lunar Node trine, sextile or semi-sextile Lilith in the synastry chart

In this harmonious aspect, True Lunar Node person and LILITH help each other to come into their full power and pursue their higher purpose together.

Lilith person helps True Lunar Node person strip away illusions and assert their needs and boundaries, edging closer to their true path and breaking through barriers set in place by society or convention.

True Lunar Node person helps Lilith person to express their deeper conflicts and unconscious emotional needs. Lilith person finds validation and understanding as True Lunar Node person inspires Lilith person to follow their own path and fulfill their mission.

True Lunar Node opposite, square or semi-square Lilith in the synastry chart

This pairing could be beneficial to each other, however frustrations and conflict likely arise in the process.

True Lunar Node person looks to Lilith person for encouragement on their path and to validate their need to follow their independent instincts regardless of what others think. However Lilith person may not be able to respond adequately because their deep suspicion interferes with their ability to be the ally True Lunar Node person is looking for.

Lilith person is likely to become frustrated with True Lunar Node person as well because Lilith person will not feel like True Lunar Node person truly understands their deeper needs. True Lunar Node person may be so fixated on their path and mission as to seem overwhelming or dismissive to Lilith person who is rebelling against those who would try to inspire growth and purpose, even with the best of intentions.

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