Venus and Ceres aspects in the Birth Chart: How do your values influence your nurturing style?

By 12andus

Venus-Ceres-Harm.jpg Venus conjunct Ceres in the birth chart

You are an affectionate and comforting person. You love to make others feel loved and beautiful.

You can bring out other’s self worth by nurturing those you love. You’ll try to surround your loved ones with beauty and make them feel secure.

You try to immerse your loved ones with beauty and luxury and may turn to materialism and physical affection to show you love and care for others. You can be a nurturing lover but even in platonic relationships you are attentive and affectionate.

When you need nurturing you’ll look to the arts and luxuries to make yourself feel pampered. You also seek others who make you feel valuable and important. You’ll look for tangible, material proof that others love and care about you.

Venus sextile Ceres in the birth chart

It is easy for you to bring out the best in others. You are compassionate and nurturing.

You look to romantic partners, art and beauty to find fulfillment. You may be so trusting and nurturing that you place your value on your relationships to others.

You love to make those you care about feel pampered and important. You see the beauty in your loved ones and try to help them see it as well. You can try to use affection and gifts to show your love for others.

When you need nurturing, you may turn to materialistic means to try to get your needs met.

Venus square Ceres in the birth chart

Your nurturing style is compassionate and you are driven to share beauty with others.

Your desire to be a peacekeeper can lead to friction when you try too hard to please others. You may overlook your own value and needs in order to get others to feel loved. This leads to resentment in the long run.

When you can stay attuned to your own value and beauty and nurture others without becoming possessive and materialistic, you can be quite caring and compassionate.

Venus trine Ceres in the birth chart

Your desire to nurture your loved ones is easily conveyed. You’re generous and giving.

You may look to materialistic measures to demonstrate your love and affection for others. You try to physically show others you care. When you can’t soothe your loved ones through giving fancy gifts you will show with physical affection.

You’re compassionate and easily balance nurturing your own needs and the needs of those you love. You may be indulgent of those you care about pampering your loved ones and yourself.

Venus opposite Ceres in the birth chart

You have a deep desire to nurture others though you may struggle with your own self-worth.

When you are insecure about yourself, you easily become distracted by fears of needing to be needed. You worry about rejection and may go overboard trying to please others.

You may also not realize your own beauty or have a distorted idea about what it means to express your love and concern for others. In relationships this can make you demanding or possessive.

You may look to materialism as proof of love both for yourself and for others. By learning to love yourself you are better able to nurture others. You can also learn to appreciate your beauty and self worth and bring out the beauty in those you care about.

Venus quincunx Ceres in the birth chart

Your desire for approval and praise is often at odds with your desire to nurture others.

You may underestimate your compassion and nurturing ability. You may feel insufficient to provide the emotional support that your loved ones need. As a result you may shy away from nurturing your loved ones.

When you’ve come to accept your own value and beauty, your ability to nurture your loved ones. You need to feel more secure in yourself otherwise your attempts to nurture others may seem manipulative or possessive.

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