Chiron and Ceres aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you nurture each other’s deeper healing?

    By 12andus

    Chiron-Ceres-Harm.jpg Chiron and Ceres conjunct in the synastry chart

    Your desire for nurturing and healing are intertwined and you help each other with great compassion.

    Chiron person is in tune with Ceres person's unresolved traumas because of Chiron person's own difficult past experiences. Chiron person helps validate Ceres person and helps Ceres person feel reassured of their strengths and special gifts.

    Ceres person is emotionally attentive to Chiron person and helps Chiron person find emotional fulfillment and nurturing.

    Both has an instinctive knowledge of what the other is lacking and both can speak each other’s emotional and intuitive language with eas.

    Chiron trine, sextile or semi-sextile Ceres in the synastry chart

    You have an easy time understanding each other’s needs and desires.

    Chiron person can recognize the wounds that haunt Ceres person and knows what it is like to be misunderstood or invalidated. Chiron person helps Ceres person find deeper healing from past wounds.

    Ceres person helps Chiron person by nurturing them and showing them deep and unconditional love and understanding. Ceres person may help Chiron person resolve old issues with early nurturers or caregivers.

    Chiron opposite, square or semi-square Ceres in the synastry chart

    You try to heal each other and make each other feel at home but it often backfires.

    Chiron person has an intuitive understanding of Ceres person's needs and wounds but Ceres person may not be open to Chiron person's attempts to help heal these wounds at first.

    Instead, Ceres person may keep distracted and busy trying to nurture Chiron person and everyone else around them. This chronic caretaking can actually undermine the strong connection in the relationship.

    Both need to work on respecting and understanding each other’s boundaries and unique style of showing love.

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