Pallas in Sagittarius, Pallas in Capricorn, Pallas in Aquarius, Pallas in Pisces

pallas.jpg Pallas in Sagittarius

Your style of seeking justice and equality is benevolent and philosophical.

You are honest but you know how to appeal to a particular audience. While you don’t change your stance, you are adept at appealing to the ideals of particular groups within a larger audience.

As a result, you’re able to uplift and inspire those you address. Your skill is not confronting others or dogmatically expecting them to agree with you. Instead, you appeal to their humanitarian side and spiritual ideals. You encourage others to find the right answer for themselves by asking philosophical questions.

Though you know this can take a longer time, you believe in raising the floor in order to create progress. You may strive to also be a living example of your ideals, showing others how to create progress by being the embodiment of your beliefs.

Pallas in Capricorn

Your style of showing your determination and push for justice and equality is based in practicality and creating concrete changes.

You are likely to take your concerns about injustice to the governmental or business level. You are drawn to boycotts and other forms of business clout to stand behind ideals you believe in and punish those who block progressive change.

You are also likely to take a more humble, behind the scenes approach to creating justice and change in the world. You may prefer to be a volunteer or organizer who is part of a team rather than a front person or leader.

You are comfortable going to the government, administrative, or business level to address injustices. You may also feel drawn to explore injustices that relate to government abuses, unfair business practices or other abuses of institutional power.

You may look to the past for inspiration as you value tradition. You would rather make changes that perfect the existing institutions than try to radically transform institutions to be more equitable.

Pallas in Aquarius

Your style of creating justice and equality can be shocking and dramatic.

You have an intense desire to create social change that is both progressive and also radically challenge the status quo. You are highly intelligent and can attempt to be diplomatic, using words to win over the support of others. Yet you also have intense intuition and impulses.

This leads you to dramatically speak out and assert your ideals. You may feel compelled so strongly to break tradition and pursue justice that you have no problem saying what others think but are afraid to say.

You may find innovative and advanced ways to fight for justice. You may be drawn to using technology to spread important messages or even to hack existing institutions and cause chaos.

In fact, your style of strategizing for advocacy and social change can be quite erratic, surprising and shocking. You may be blunt but you’re completely focused on your mission and not personal gain.

Pallas in Pisces

Your style of addressing injustices is based on compassion and spirituality.

You may have a subtle, creative and empathic way of advancing causes for justice. Your kindness and mystical energy can create a sense of healing. You appeal to others who need to find justice and empowerment through healing.

Your strategy for creating understanding and justice rests in your ability to appeal to others’ emotions and spiritual ideals. You try to create a sense of healing and love that draws others to your cause.

You aren’t confrontational. Instead, you try to endear yourself to your adversaries and create harmony and love so that others will be willing to hear your message and embrace your cause. Your style of advocacy is led more by intuition than emotion.

You can be creative and use music, the arts and performance to draw attention to important issues and causes. You believe in the power to move people through the humanities, not just from debate and discourse.

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