Mercury and Pallas aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you use your intellect and communication skills to strategize your mission?

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    Mercury-Pallas-Conj.jpg Mercury conjunct Pallas in the birth chart

    You use your keen intellect to strategize your mission.

    You may be moved to act on campaigns that appeal to your desire to help others create understanding. You can be fair and diplomatic because you see every aspect of the situation.

    You can also end up as a spokesperson on issues that are important to you. You can easily appeal to the rationale and logic of others who could be allies in your campaign.

    You believe it is important to communicate in order to come to a compromise. It is easy for you to articulate issues that strike a nerve with you. You are a strong advocate and may use storytelling to educate others about important issues.

    You may be a planner or consultant for others who share your mission and can easily set up creative but informative campaigns for issues you care about.

    Mercury sextile Pallas in the birth chart

    You easily form ideas and strategies that help you advocate for others. You can easily draw on your intellectual skills to help draw attention to missions or campaigns that are important to you.

    You may become a spokesperson or messenger, helping to educate others about important issues that help you create change and fairness. You can be an instrumental mentor or teacher for others, inspiring them to understand their role in important issues or campaigns.

    You may become part of a campaign or mission that involves new ideas or changes in communication or freedom of expression.

    Mercury square Pallas in the birth chart

    Your critical thinking and intellectual skills may put you at odds with your sense of mission or purpose.

    You may be tempted to overthink things or miss out on pertinent information that would help you form an opinion that matches your instincts. You may want to be an advocate and planner but feel that you are not suited to fulfill your mission just yet.

    By overcoming obstacles to fully understanding situations that are important to you, you can become a spokesperson or advocate for change. You may react without fully thinking things through or with incomplete information at first, causing you to have to change your plans.

    Mercury trine Pallas in the birth chart

    Your intellectual abilities easily influence your activism and ability to speak up for others.

    You can be easily stimulated to participate in missions or campaigns that you feel are important to learning and creating understanding. You can easily find the words to educate others and help them understand the importance of following your plans or strategies.

    You can become an effective diplomat or spokesperson, drawing attention to important causes. You can also serve as a mentor or teacher for others.

    Mercury opposite Pallas in the birth chart

    Your ideas and communication style can make you a great advocate or spokesperson.

    Yet you may have to work through insecurities and cognitive dissonance before you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and work to promote causes important to you.

    Your desire to advocate for others or missions that are important to you can be offset by anxieties. You can second guess your plans or strategies. You may need to find greater confidence in yourself and believe in your plans and ideas before you commit to them.

    Being too much of a concrete thinker can make it difficult for you to imagine how to use your talents to advocate for others and work for a cause. You may also have to work harder to see issues from others’ perspectives. An important issue may appeal to you after you have overcome cognitive dissonance or once you have received important information.

    Mercury quincunx Pallas in the birth chart

    You have strong ideas and opinions but may have an awkward feeling of insecurity that keeps you from stepping into your power right away.

    Instead of effectively align your ideas and communicate your plans, you may be compelled to act impulsively. You may also jump to conclusions or rely too much on opinion before researching adequate information.

    With some experience and confidence, you can become a powerful and effective spokesperson. You may also be able to help others overcome cognitive dissonance so they can see the merits of your cause or campaigns you support.

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