Ceres and Pallas aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you nurture your convictions and potential to be an advocate for change?

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    Ceres-Pallas-Conj.jpg Ceres conjunct Pallas in the birth chart

    You are nurturing and compassionate and this fuels your desire to be a spokesperson or advocate for others in need.

    You are intuitively attuned to others’ needs and can see the larger patterns that allow you to help create a strategy to nurture those around you.

    As an advocate or activist, your style is nurturing and compassionate. You can also be practical, seeing the bigger patterns at play that affect access to food, housing and other necessary resources.

    You may be drawn to strategies and campaigns that help others meet their basic needs such as food, shelter and healthcare. You can also be maternal in your approach to helping create social change. You can be a strong advocate for others yet you have a gentle approach. You don’t try to dominate others but assume that when their basic needs are met they will be more rational and easier to collaborate with.

    Ceres sextile Pallas in the birth chart

    You can be compassionate, nurturing and committed to creating plans that help others.

    You are sensitive to the practical and emotional needs of others. You also are able to sense the larger patterns at play. As a result you can easily nurture progress and changes in society by first taking care of the basic needs of yourself and your immediate circle.

    You easily feel moved by your emotional connection and this fuels your intellect and higher wisdom, leading you to strategize ways to help others.

    Ceres square Pallas in the birth chart

    Your soft and nurturing side is often at odds with your desire to follow your intellect and plans.

    You may come up with strategies that would help you achieve your goals or even help those around you. Yet your feelings and sense of responsibility to nurture others can limit your ability to follow through with your plans.

    You may find yourself repeatedly rehashing your plans, changing your ideas or trying so hard to make other people comfortable can keep you from being successful. Find motivation in your desire to make others comfortable rather than allowing it to become a setback.

    Ceres trine Pallas in the birth chart

    Your nurturing and compassionate nature easily fuels your inner warrior and determined side.

    Your intellectual abilities blend easily and effortlessly with your compassionate, nurturing side. You approach conflicts by combining your understanding of human nature and the need for security with an intellectual skill for seeing the bigger picture and understanding how things connect.

    You can see the best strategies to help others find comfort and security. You can find ways to show your compassion and love for others while also working toward strategies to improve your life and others’ lives.

    Ceres opposite Pallas in the birth chart

    You are caring and compassionate and your nurturing style can run counter to your higher wisdom.

    You may have a strong sense of conviction and know exactly what you need to do to be an advocate for others and to succeed in your ambitions. Yet your desire to provide for others can block you from successfully following through on your plans and strategies.

    You may be easily swayed by your empathy and compassion for others but this can also work against your intellectual ability to map out a plan for success. You can be conflicted about your higher goals and your need to be nurturing and caring toward others. Your obligations and need to care for family or loved ones may seem to go against your ideals and what you want for yourself. You can be caring and empathic but will need to put your intellect and ideals into alignment with your emotional connection to others.

    Ceres quincunx Pallas in the birth chart

    Your desire to nurture others can be at odds with the path you see as the best way forward. You may have strong feelings about the need to follow your instincts and higher wisdom but you also are distracted by the emotional needs of others.

    You may feel a lack of confidence about your plans and ideas which can limit your ability to respond to others’ needs. You may also question whether or not you have the resources to create security for yourself or for others.

    Yet when you find ways to feel sure of yourself and your nurturing gifts, you can become a strong leader and nurturer and strategist.

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