Jupiter and Pallas aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you expand each other’s visions and ideals?


    Jupiter-Pallas-Conj.jpgJupiter and Pallas conjunct in the synastry chart

    You enhance and expand each other’s visions of success and can have a positive influence on each other.

    Jupiter person can bring positivity and confidence to Pallas person. Pallas person can help Jupiter person focus their ideals and aspirations, helping Jupiter person to form a more solid and well honed strategy.

    Jupiter person can be so fun loving and carefree that they may have a haphazard style that leads to success nonetheless. Pallas person can tolerate this though because Jupiter person's track record speaks for itself.

    You both help each other reach new heights. Pallas person can see the bigger patterns and Jupiter person believes in the best possible outcome. When you work together, you can become an unstoppable force.

    Jupiter trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pallas in the synastry chart

    You both have an easy way of relating to each other and enhancing each other’s idealistic nature. You both care about progress and advancement and can help each other thrive.

    Jupiter person loves Pallas person's idealistic nature and big vision. Jupiter person also recognizes that Pallas person is strategic and focused in ways Jupiter person is not, yet Jupiter person is open to hearing Pallas person's wisdom and vision.

    Pallas person takes their connection to Jupiter person seriously, helping Jupiter person establish an influential role in an important movement or path.

    Both Pallas person and Jupiter person can blend their strengths and visionary powers to help uplift each other.

    Jupiter opposite, square or semi-square Pallas in the synastry chart

    You have very different ways of expressing your ideals and goals.

    Jupiter person has a happy-go-lucky style of pursuing their dreams and goals. Pallas person doesn’t understand Jupiter person's carefree nature. What’s more, Pallas person may assume Jupiter person just doesn’t take the cause as seriously and this can lead to deeper issues.

    If Pallas person has the patience to be open to Jupiter person's carefree and risky style of expressing their ideals, this relationship can be strong and both can help each other see the bigger picture.

    If Jupiter person can show that they take Pallas person's guidance and insights seriously, this can help you both overcome the challenges to understanding each other.

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