Jupiter and Juno aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you find expansion and empowerment through your commitments?

    By 12andus

    Jupiter-Juno-Conj.jpg Jupiter conjunct Juno in the birth chart

    You easily show your generosity and enthusiasm for your partner.

    When it comes to long term relationships, you may be attracted to people from far away or even long distance relationships. Your ideal long term commitment involves a partner who meets your ideals and shares your integrity, who loves to learn as much as you do and who can expand your mind in some dramatic way.

    You may try to build a partner up, seeing the best in others and having hope that things will work out. Even when there are troubles in a relationship you don’t let it get you down.

    You try to be optimistic and positive about the connection you have. You can be generous and committed to your partner for the long haul.

    Instead of becoming angry or possessive, your focus will be how to fix things. You love to live life to the fullest and want to commit to someone who can be your confidant and travel partner.

    Jupiter sextile Juno in the birth chart

    You can easily express your love and commitment in personal relationships.

    You have an optimistic attitude toward marriage and long term relationships. You may be tempted by desire and flirtation but you remain true to your loved ones and can easily find ways to turn around any conflict that comes your way.

    You can be inspiring and uplifting to your loved ones and your commitments are based around shared ideals or similar philosophies.

    You may also attract a long term partner you can travel with.

    Jupiter square Juno in the birth chart

    You may have to struggle to get through your desires for instant gratification and settle down in a partnership.

    Though marriage and commitment may appeal to you, you also likely have a jealous streak and are easily distracted by temptation. You may also attract partners that have the potential for commitment but drama frequently enters your relationships.

    With some effort you can work through your insecurities and learn to buckle down and follow through on your commitments.

    You may also have to put some effort into finding the confidence to stick with one relationship rather than having a deeper fear of missing out.

    Jupiter trine Juno in the birth chart

    You can easily find ways to show your charm and charisma and this helps you attract suitors.

    You may find a connection that turns into a long term partnership at a young age or easily attract your future partner. Though you may seem to always land on your feet in relationships it doesn’t mean your relationships are without ups and downs.

    It just means you have the right outlook and attitude to work through difficulties by looking on the bright side and uplifting your partner rather than letting petty differences distract you from your commitment.

    Jupiter opposite Juno in the birth chart

    You may have a soft spot for pleasure and romance and although you want a long term commitment your eyes will wander.

    You have to work hard to overcome your lust for life and distractions. Though your heart is always with the one you love and you believe marriage or other serious commitments should be for life, you have a hard time controlling your hedonistic side.

    You can be possessive and jealous when it comes to your partner. Even if you have had your own transgressions, you expect integrity and ideals from your partner and if they play games you can become angry. Yet you’re also quick to forgive because you genuinely want to see the best in people.

    If you work to overcome your desire to live the high life and savor the best of all of life’s pleasures, you can find ways to show your commitment to your partner.

    Otherwise your intentions may be good but you will find it hard to settle down and resist temptation.

    Jupiter quincunx Juno in the birth chart

    You may long for a committed partnership but fall in love with someone who isn’t ready or available.

    Also, your struggles with confidence or some issues with timing or long distance may interfere with your relationship going as smoothly as you think it should.

    If you are conscious of trying to break patterns that keep you stuck and sabotaging your serious relationships, you can actually come to find greater peace and success in your efforts to attract a committed partner.

    You may have to find your own center and avoid going to extremes of idealizing others or being too casual about your relationships, yet when you find the right middle ground you’ll see that your commitments are long lasting.

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