Pluto and Juno aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you find deep transformation and share power in your committed partnerships?

    By 12andus

    Pluto-Juno-Conj.jpg Pluto conjunct Juno in the birth chart

    You are deeply attracted to your prospective partner. You’ll see your spouse or lifelong partner as someone who adds to your status.

    You look for someone to be part of a power couple and you may be intensely attracted to your partner right from the beginning. Your relationships can be dramatic and all consuming.

    You may also become dominating and obsessed with your partner or spouse. You can become jealous easily and your sensitivity to abandonment can lead you to act controlling in partnerships at times.

    Through your commitments and long term partnership you experience some of your greatest personal transformation. You may feel like you become a new and better version of yourself when your partner is helping you to confront your fears and insecurities.

    Marriage and commitments are important to you and when you finally make a pledge to be with one person you won’t let anything or anyone distract you from standing by your loved one for life.

    Pluto sextile Juno in the birth chart

    You can easily express your intense desires and passions in your committed relationships.

    You also can be deeply connected to your partner and while the energy you invest in a relationship may border on obsessive you also know how to share power in the relationship so as to not become dominating and overwhelming.

    You are committed to working through any difficulties in the relationship and through your marriage or partnership commitments you learn to test yourself and reinvent yourself.

    Pluto square Juno in the birth chart

    You are intensely committed to the idea of being in a marriage or partnership.

    At the same time you may feel friction and conflict when you try to share power in a relationship or when it comes time to collaborating or compromising. You want to share your life with someone but also have difficulty surrendering control and not having your way.

    It may take some growth and development on your part to face your fears and insecurities and learn to share power without controlling the relationship.

    When you put your fears at ease and learn to manage your jealousies you can find dramatic transformation through your relationships.

    Pluto trine Juno in the birth chart

    You can easily transform your obsessive love and focus on your partner into a relationship that fosters advancement and transformation.

    You have a powerful and intense connection to your partner and you take your commitments seriously, yet you also know how to work with your partner and aren’t afraid to share power in a relationship.

    When your heart belongs to someone you will stay committed to them until the end and never let jealousies or arguments distract you from your larger goals together.

    Pluto opposite Juno in the birth chart

    You may want to be a part of a committed partnership or long for marriage.

    Yet at the same time, you have an intense need for power and control. You don’t easily share power in relationships and this can lead to turmoil as you may try to dominate your partner.

    At the same time, your relationship may be plagued by drama and insecurities. You may have to work hard to find the right balance between trusting your partner and surrendering some level of control and also feeling secure and empowered personally.

    Though your romantic commitments can lead you into dramatic personal transformation you have to be willing to let go and allow this transformation to take place.

    Greater harmony and security in yourself may be needed first. You can also strive to find greater harmony in your relationship if you deal with your fears and jealousies, otherwise your relationship will be prone to drama.

    Pluto quincunx Juno in the birth chart

    You may struggle to get past your control issues and jealousies at first.

    You may feel strongly attracted to your partner or even obsessed with them. Yet if you take the time to work through your insecurities and fears your jealous streak will subside.

    Instead of being dominating and controlling, you’ll channel your energy to be a devoted partner who can share power and also be a catalyst for transformation through your connection to others.

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