Juno and Ascendant aspects in the Birth Chart: How do you embody commitment and loyalty?

    By 12andus

    Juno-AC-Conj.jpg Juno conjunct Ascendant in the birth chart

    You easily embody the loyalty and commitment you desire in a partnership.

    You may easily attract the partnership you need in order to fully live up to your potential. When you first meet your spouse or lifelong partner, you may in fact feel right away that you are meant to be together. You can feel it was love at first sight or that you are destined to accomplish important things together.

    Your reputation may be for nurturing and being a devoted, loving and caring person. You can be considered highly attractive. You easily convey to others that you have all the ideal qualities for a perfect lifelong partner. You are loyal and devoted and will defend your partner and loved ones.

    You can express your commitment and devotion to your loved one in a clear and obvious way. You can also be very clear about your desire to be married. You long for commitment and devotion from your loved ones as well.

    You may become more confident in yourself when you are in a committed partnership. You also know how to present yourself to others so that you always come across as agreeable and loving.

    Juno sextile Ascendant in the birth chart

    You easily show your attractive side and desire for a committed partnership.

    You may easily express your devotion and commitment to your potential partner. You’re also able to show your commitment without overwhelming your partner or love interest.

    You may easily find the partner who embodies your ideals in a perfect marriage match and even though your relationships go through the normal ups and downs you can still thrive in a partnership because you work through the rough patches.

    Juno square Ascendant in the birth chart

    You may want to be in a steady relationship but fear commitment.

    You don’t want to make commitments that jeopardize your ambition and you may feel it is difficult to sort between your desires to be with someone for life. Your partnerships may be rocky.

    With some mindfulness and work, you can work through the difficulties that lead you to doubt your ability to commit or follow through on your commitments. You can find your ideal partner if you work through fears about your need for independence.

    Juno trine Ascendant in the birth chart

    You easily attract an ideal partner through your outward appearance or personality.

    You make it clear that you are geared toward commitment and you take your responsibilities seriously in a relationship or partnership. You may easily attract the person who becomes your long term partner.

    You show your commitment and loyalty by easily. Even when problems arise in your relationship, you can use your charm and diplomacy to easily sort things out.

    You may be ambitious, but you channel your energy toward nurturing your partnership and ensuring the success of your relationship.

    Juno opposite Ascendant in the birth chart

    You may desire a marriage or long term relationship with a committed partner.

    However, at the same time, your outward personality, appearance or some aspects of your reputation, can make it difficult for you to settle down. You may insist on following your own ambitions rather than compromising with your partner.

    You may lose yourself in relationships or find it difficult to commit to relationships that may stand in the way of your personal goals or desires. You may find it difficult to collaborate with your love interests because you are unsure about your level of commitment.

    Your jealousies or insecurities can also undermine your potential relationships.

    When you work to create harmony between your desires for marriage and partnership and your desire to follow your own ambition, you can find a stronger connection and potential for an ideal, solid partnership commitment.

    Juno quincunx Ascendant in the birth chart

    You can be a devoted and committed partner but you first have to come to accept your true nature.

    You may be insecure or fearful about some key aspect of your identity. You may not easily express your desire for commitment and though you may want a commitment or marriage you find it difficult to be transparent about your needs and desires.

    Your jealous side can also easily be triggered in a relationship and so you may have to do some deeper work on your own healing so that you can feel more grounded in your long term relationship.

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