Neptune and Juno aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you encourage romance, love and commitment?

Neptune-Juno-Conj.jpg Neptune and Juno conjunct in the synastry chart

You can both nurture each other on a deep level.

Neptune person helps Juno person find emotional healing and a deeper sense of connection. Juno person can be comforting and reliable and this helps Neptune person feel secure. Neptune person is romantic and spiritual and sees the relationship as a manifestation of a divine partnership.

Juno person can find all the emotional connection and support they need in the relationship with Neptune person. Neptune person is trustworthy and loyal so Juno person knows they never have to worry about Neptune person straying as a partner.

Neptune trine, sextile or semi-sextile Juno in the synastry chart

You both have an instinctive and intuitive understanding of each other.

Neptune person may feel like they’ve known Juno person for many lifetimes. The connection between Neptune person and Juno person is powerful. Neptune person may see Juno person as a destined partner.

Juno person is devoted and loyal. Juno person can also help nurture and ground Neptune person in practical ways while Neptune person helps bring Juno person into a more spiritual connection.

You can both lift each other up and are committed to finding the best way to work through any obstacles because your commitment to each other is a driving force.

Neptune opposite, square or semi-square Juno in the synastry chart

You may both desire the same qualities in a relationship, someone who is understanding, compassionate, nurturing and devoted.

Yet the way you express your commitment and love for each other doesn’t quite align. Neptune person may have unresolved fears and insecurities that make Juno person feel cornered, or which play on Juno person's own insecurities.

You may both get into much drama over unresolved emotional wounds being projected onto each other.

Juno person may see Neptune person as inconsistent or unreliable. Neptune person doesn’t intend this to be the case but may be easily distracted or even just moody. Juno person tries to create stability to help Neptune person feel secure however to Neptune person it may feel like Juno person is being demanding or controlling.

If each of you puts effort into working on your need for emotional healing, this relationship can become rewarding and deeply loving. You can both easily keep your commitments to each other.

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    • Janet

      My on-off partner and I are Neptune trine Juno respectively. I am the more spiritual of us and definitely "recognised" him. It's a difficult match though with a lot of hard Saturn, Mars and Neptune aspects. The other Pluto, Vertex, NN, Venus and Moon aspects are supportive though.
      A main theme appears to be Chiron (conjunct NN on our Composite chart). Hiis own Chiron is being transitted by Chiron in Aries right now - yes, he's 50 this year! He often tells me about his childhood traumas which are pretty hectic and I'm sure he hasn't told anyone else about.

      Problem is that he won't commit and hates it when anyone calls me his girlfriend.