Vesta in Leo, Vesta in Virgo, Vesta in Libra, Vesta in Scorpio

vesta.jpg Vesta in Leo

You are at your best when you can shine in the spotlight. Though you love to be of service to others, you have a unique way of adding your own style to the process.

Rituals surrounding flamboyant displays of success and leadership, expressions of your own unique creative talents and artistic abilities, and your flair for drama, help you feel connected spiritually.

Your sense of spirituality may involve practices that rely on pageantry and dramatic displays of devotion.

You are a natural leader and feel most fulfilled when you are following your spiritual calling to empower and inspire others. You may be playful and optimistic in your approach, but you take your mission as seriously as a sacred oath.

You bring charismatic energy to your work and will naturally step into the role of leader if it seems leadership is lacking. You are confident and help others feel uplifted because you can always see the silver lining.

Vesta in Virgo

You are at your best when you can work humbly behind the scenes to serve others and improve daily tasks.

Your most mundane practices and routines have a ritualistic quality. You may be seriously devoted to the tedious work involved in caring for others, running a business or doing various forms of service work.

You are naturally drawn to the healing arts and may work in a healthcare setting, but even if you don’t, part of your mission is to ensure the health of those around you. You take your mission of making sure everything runs smoothly, as serious as if it was a sacred charge.

You feel purified by cleanliness and organization and may have meticulous routines to ensure hygiene and good health.

You are at your best when you don’t have to be in the spotlight and when you can independently go about your business. You take the obligation to serve others seriously and this is a fulfilling practice for you.

Vesta in Libra

You are most radiant and feel at your best when you are working to create harmony and balance. You have a strong sense of mission to bring balance and uplift others.

Your sacred mission involves creating peace and beauty. You are able to feel more serene and spiritually connected when you are expressing your ideals through the arts, music or other forms of creativity.

You need to create beauty and balance, bringing optimism and balanced perspectives to every conversation. When you can help elevate another’s voice, you feel like you are fulfilling your mission.

You may do your best work in tandem with a partner and you seek out the partnership and perspective of another individual to help you maintain your sense of balance and connection to the Divine.

The humanities and arts help you to feel emotionally pure and rejuvenated. You feel like you are called to create peace and spread empathy as part of your mission.

Vesta in Scorpio

Your sacred mission is tied into your desire to unearth hidden truths and help others through personal transformation. You are at your best when you are helping others.

In particular, your calling will bring you to work in the recovery or psychology fields. Your mission may involve helping others heal from traumas and addictions, experiencing full transformation as a part of the process of healing and empowerment.

You may have many routines and rituals that relate to letting go of the past and initiate lifestyle changes as a matter of ritual of renewal. You work best when your intuition and research are combined to get to the heart of issues.

You may have an intense spiritual connection and feel renewed and purified by purging your body or life of toxins or excess baggage. You are drawn to serve others and fulfill your mission by having a dramatic and powerful impact on others.

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