Vesta in Sagittarius, Vesta in Capricorn, Vesta in Aquarius, Vesta in Pisces

vesta.jpg Vesta in Sagittarius

You are at your best when your philosophical nature and idealism are channeled for the good of society.

You may be drawn to a role as a healer or advocate for others. This helps you to serve your spiritual mission. You work best when you are educating or advocating for vast crowds. You can be inspiring and uplifting to others and are drawn to the sciences, culture and philosophy to express your mission and expand others’ ideas.

You may go on a quest, combining your calling with a need to travel and expand your mind. Travel may be ritualistic for you or you may have rituals related to higher education, expanding your knowledge or rituals related to personal growth.

You find purity through expanding your mind and initiation or ritual for you may involve taking risks to bring society forward into more inclusive and progressive ideals.

Your sacred mission leads you to try to educate others and create higher understanding regarding society and the humanities.

Vesta in Capricorn

You do your best work when you are left to patiently toil in order to build solid structure and frameworks that will uplift others.

Your spiritual connection and sense of purpose is closely linked to heritage and to the past. You have many rituals related to financial security and other forms of preserving the past and creating security and abundance.

You may feel like your calling leads you to dedicate yourself to groups, systems or hierarchies that preserve the status quo or preserves sacred wisdom. You may feel spiritually directed to succeed and may pursue public standing or social status in an effort to achieve your ambitions and also fulfill your obligations to others.

You have an acetic and self-disciplined approach to fulfilling your mission and you may feel purified by structure, order, rules and responsibilities.

You may serve as an elder or administrator in an organization that preserves knowledge, history or sacred foundations for the benefit of society.

Vesta in Aquarius

You do your best work when you can be slightly apart from the mainstream but still having a dramatic impact on large groups of people.

Grass roots organizing and campaigns to radically change society appeal to you. Your sacred mission is to make dramatic progressive change. You may need to be an initiator of change even if you shock others.

Your sacred mission is to be a visionary and even if others aren’t readily able to embrace your vision, you feel compelled to be of service by challenging the status quo.

Your style is more rational than emotional. Though you love humanity and feel compelled to serve others by creating new breakthroughs, your style can seem unsympathetic.

In order to serve your higher purpose, you will need to break away from conventional thinking and thus you may feel like you are more comfortable being an outsider.

Vesta in Pisces

You are at your best when you are able to completely submerge with others. Eliminating boundaries and immersing yourself in connection with others is fulfilling to you.

Your spiritual mission may involve helping others with healing spiritual or emotional wounds. You may also be drawn to fulfill your mission by getting involved with healing work in hospitals, jails or other institutions.

You feel purified when you are showing your empathy and creativity to others. You can be highly intuitive and turn everyday acts into sacred rituals. You may feel a calling to transcend the mundane and help others find their spiritual connection.

You feel most powerful and refreshed when you can release your connection to mundane things and ideas and instead transcend by connecting with your spiritual ideals. You may be called on to sacrifice some aspect of yourself or your comfort in order to help initiate healing and growth for others.

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