True Lunar Node and Vesta aspects in the Birth Chart: What role does your spiritual calling play in your larger mission?

    By 12andus

    True Lunar Node-Vesta-Conj.jpg True Lunar Node conjunct Vesta in the birth chart

    Your sense of purpose and destiny is intimately connected to your spiritual quest.

    When you fulfill your mission, you’re also following important routines that help you remain stable and help you follow your path of service. Your destiny involves some self-sacrifice for the larger good and this is also related to your spiritual calling.

    When you work toward fulfilling your mission to serve others, you are automatically fulfilling your destiny. The process may take you far from your comfort zone yet you will feel compelled to follow your intuition and sacrifice personal needs in order to serve the larger community through your spiritually guided actions.

    You can become deeply attuned to routines and practices that help you feel spiritually connected and also which help you to fulfill your larger destiny and spiritual calling.

    True Lunar Node sextile Vesta in the birth chart

    You can find it easy to follow your mission and also fulfill your spiritual calling.

    When you break out of your comfort zone and pursue your higher goals and destiny, you’ll also feel compelled to satisfy your mission to be of service to others. Though you may be called to sacrifice yourself at times, you will have no problem making sacrifices because you are devoted to your higher calling.

    In making sacrifices to your immediate pleasure or ambitions, you will easily find ways to succeed in serving others and continuing to connect spiritually through daily routines.

    True Lunar Node square Vesta in the birth chart

    You can find it difficult to follow through on your routines and spiritual obligations because you distract yourself.

    You may feel like you have to choose between your mission and your spiritual calling yet you don’t want to sacrifice any aspects of your ambition if you don’t absolutely need to. Yet this can lead you to procrastinate and avoid following your obligations.

    When you find ways to remain true to your higher mission and also accept the need to make sacrifices so that you can fulfill your mission of being of service to others, you’ll more easily be able to renew your connection to Spirit.

    True Lunar Node trine Vesta in the birth chart

    You can easily find fuel for your spiritual fire and fulfill your own higher destiny.

    When you follow your instincts and completely devote yourself to the path you feel compelled to follow, you will also come closer to satisfying your spiritual calling.

    You can find your higher calling easily opens doors to connection with Spirit and your inspiration from your spiritual connection further fuels your momentum to fulfill your destiny.

    You can trust your intuition and easily find ways to advance both personally and spiritually. In doing this, you also fulfill your mission of service to others.

    True Lunar Node opposite Vesta in the birth chart

    You may feel torn between your sense of mission and purpose and your spiritual calling.

    You find it important to continue to practice spiritual routines that help you to fulfill your destiny while you are also refueling your own energy. When you feel personally inspired, you can easily sacrifice your short term needs in order to find creative, intuitive ways to fulfill your larger purpose.

    You may find it difficult to fulfill your mission because you want to devote yourself to your calling but at the same time, you may be reluctant to sacrifice some aspects of your own ambitions.

    When you find balance between your desire to follow your own personal goals and your need to follow your spiritual calling.

    True Lunar Node quincunx Vesta in the birth chart

    You can find it difficult to trust your intuition and follow your destiny.

    You may second guess yourself or avoid following your spiritual mission. Instead, you will undermine your progress, hide from your obligations or avoid making sacrifices for the benefit of others.

    Yet when you do step back and work on your deeper healing and start to face your insecurities and fears, you can find it easier to fulfill not only your personal mission but also your spiritual quest as well.

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