Pluto and Vesta aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you serve as catalysts for powerful transformation and service to others?

By 12andus

Pluto-Vesta-Conj.jpg Pluto and Vesta conjunct in the synastry chart

You can both easily and effortlessly delve deep into the process of transformation as a couple.

Pluto person inspires Vesta person to renew their devotion to their spiritual path. Vesta person brings Pluto person into alignment with their own spiritual path and helps them find healing and regeneration through routines and rituals that serve a spiritual purpose.

Both can easily fuse their energy and become focused on their role as healers and partners. You both look to each other for encouragement and empowerment.

Pluto person can be authoritative helping Vesta person align their actions with their higher goals. Vesta person can help Pluto person find their path to serving the community using their powers of focus and intellect.

Pluto trine, sextile or semi-sextile Vesta in the synastry chart

You can both easily fuel each other’s desires for dramatic change and dedication to a spiritual calling.

Pluto person finds it easy to help Vesta person find their inner power and focus to succeed. Pluto person is ambitious where Vesta person puts the needs of others first. Yet you can both work together easily to fuel each other’s missions.

Vesta person may be called on a path of self-sacrifice and Pluto person takes advantage of this unique situation so that they are able to accentuate Vesta person's efforts.

Pluto opposite, square or semi-square Vesta in the synastry chart

You have to both deal with conflicts and challenges in this connection.

Pluto person may overpower Vesta person though Vesta person may not push back because they are more focused on their mission. Vesta person may be aligned with their spiritual quest whereas Pluto person may be more concerned with their material needs and ambitions.

Both may have to put some effort into finding balance so that they can enhance the best of each other’s skills. Focusing on a shared mission may help them both overcome their differences and act in service of healing others.

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