Venus and Pholus aspects in the Synastry Chart: How do you find value and security during major turning points?

By 12andus

Venus-Pholus-Conj.jpg Venus and Pholus conjunct in the synastry chart

You can both easily find security and attraction to each other during major turning points.

Crises and challenges can bring you closer together. Your first meeting or other major milestones may coincide with dramatic and cataclysmic events. Rather than undermining your relationship, your connection may be enhanced because of these dramatic life changes.

When Venus person is faced with a major decision, they can find comfort, harmony and security knowing that Pholus person is adept at embracing crises as a catalyst for dramatic change. Pholus person can help Venus person live up to their full potential and Venus person helps Pholus person see the best their situation.

Venus person can help Pholus person express their empathy and love and Pholus person can help Venus person unleash their true beauty and compassion even under the most trying circumstances.

Venus trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pholus in the synastry chart

You may both find it easy to express your love and compassion for each other during times of dramatic change.

Even the most dire shakeups can bring out the best in your relationship. Venus person helps Pholus person find security and stability, Venus person helps Pholus person unleash their deeper desires and love, helping them to find clarity regarding their true desires and needs.

Pholus person may look to Venus person for comfort and Venus person finds the courage to shake things up when the time comes to make dramatic and much needed changes.

Venus opposite, square or semi-square Pholus in the synastry chart

You don’t easily understand each other’s needs during times of crisis.

Rather than helping you find connection and unity in your relationship, you may be challenged during crises. Venus’s desire for comfort and affection can lead them to underestimate Pholus person's need to adapt to changing circumstances.

Venus person may look to Pholus person for admiration and connection but Pholus person is more concerned with their role as protector or guide during a crisis.

Pholus person may expect Venus person to respond to urgent turning points with flexibility and zeal but this is not likely to happen at first. Pholus person can then become frustrated with Venus person or see Venus person as being small minded or selfish.

Both Venus person and Pholus person will need to work to appreciate each other’s points of view. When you both do, however, Venus person will learn to unleash their deeper emotions and respond to crises and Pholus person will be able to show Venus person the affection and admiration they are seeking.

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