Juno and Pholus aspects in the Synastry Chart: How does your commitment to each other serve you in times of dramatic change?

    By 12andus

    Juno-Pholus-Conj.jpg Juno and Pholus conjunct in the synastry chart

    You are both deeply committed to each other, no matter what life throws your way.

    Even in the midst of unsettling crises, you both find it easy to create stability and show your love and devotion to each other. Juno person can help Pholus person keep their focus on home, family and the needs of the partnership.

    Pholus person may be a catalyst for dramatic changes that shake up Juno person's expectations, but will ultimately lead Juno person to advance and find the wisdom and perspective they need.

    With Juno person's help, Pholus person can remain anchored during major life changes. With Pholus person's help, Juno person can awaken to unleashing their full potential in family or career.

    Juno trine, sextile or semi-sextile Pholus in the synastry chart

    You both know how to comfort each other and provide the right balance and support during times of dramatic change.

    Turning points and milestones can be pivotal to the bond in your relationship. You may both connect with each other or solidify your commitment to each other. Major shifts and crises beyond your control can actually bring out some of the best attributes of each of you, and this can help strengthen the relationship.

    Juno person helps Pholus person remain grounded and anchored in a serious commitment to each other. Pholus person finds their path through Juno person's unwavering connection and support. Juno person helps Pholus person see their potential during times of change.

    Pholus person easily helps Juno person to unleash their love, compassion and ability to persevere even during times of struggle. Both can help each other create a stronger sense of home, commitment and family as well.

    Juno opposite, square or semi-square Pholus in the synastry chart

    You can both find it difficult to understand each other during major turning points.

    Milestones and crises can threaten the foundation of your relationship. You may feel like your commitment is challenged by crises beyond your control or you may feel like everything was great in your relationship until a pivotal milestone.

    Pholus person can unleash Juno person's insecurities without intending to. Juno person can try to hold on to the security of the status quo and lead Pholus person to feel constrained or overwhelmed.

    Yet if both Pholus person and Juno person work to get past their fundamental differences, Pholus person can become an instrumental catalyst for change in Juno person's life and Juno person can learn to trust your commitment to each other rather than becoming insecure or feeling threatened by the changes that rock your foundation.

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